Flight Simulator Take Off and Landing – Start your journey by learning how to take off and land a plane

Flight Simulator Take Off and Landing – Start Your Journey by Learning How To Take Off and Land a Plane:

Especially with the recently updated 2020 edition of Microsoft Flight Simulator, if this is your first time piloting an aircraft. There’s a considerable possibility you don’t know how to board a plane, and you could be perplexed by the takeoff training instructions.

It appears the lesson didn’t function when you attempt training 3 “Take-off & Level Flight” to learn how to take off because you are having trouble getting your plane to the runway. If necessary, I might have increased the plane’s throttle speed and panned it to the runway, but that would be incorrect.

We’ll show you how to exit your plane properly in this article.

How to Taxi the plane to the Runway:

By disengaging your parking brakes, you can achieve the first goal of taxiing your aircraft onto the runway.

On a computer, you may do this by hitting CTRL + NUM DEL on the keyboard. Note: Use the DEL key on the numeric keypad instead of the DEL key located beside the INS, HOME, PAGEUP, DEL, END, and PAGE DWN keys. It takes hours to find out why pressing the navigation keys won’t release the brake if you want to.

Simply press Y or B on the XBOX One controller to disengage the brake.

The parking brake control is located in the bottom left corner of the cockpit.

You are now prepared to taxi your aircraft to the runway after turning off your parking brakes. Slowly increase the throttle speed to between 10 and 15 to taxi your aircraft. F3 on a keyboard, A or B on an Xbox One controller.

This will enable you to advance your aircraft forward, turn it left or right by pressing NUM Enter or NUM 0, and position it in the middle of the runway. Use the analog LEFT RIGHT buttons on the XBOX ONE Controller to operate it.

When you reach the center, use CTRL + NUM DEL to reactivate your parking brake. Pressing Y or B on the XBOX ONE Controller.

How to Take off your Plane:

Since your aircraft is currently in the middle of the runway. Now that you’re ready to take off.

Using CTRL + NUM DEL will release the parking brake, allowing you to take off. It’s Y or B on the Xbox One controller. Then, increase the throttle speed until it is at 100% of its maximum.

Wait until you have reached 55 knots before doing this to advance your plane ahead. When you get there, press NUM 2 to gradually pitch until you successfully launch.

Guys, that’s it! I sincerely hope that this guide will assist you in learning how to deplane for the first time.

Flight Simulator Landing:

You can probably progress in Microsoft Flight Simulator with just a little bit of basic flight experience. A flight? Not that challenging. Once you’re a few thousand feet in the air, can you fly? There is much of room to learn. Yet until you master the proper techniques, landing will always be a challenge. This article will show you how to land a plane in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 as a result of our efforts to assist.

When a plane needs to land, there are various factors to take into account. For instance, if you’re just flying around at random, you can choose to ignore the tutorial’s instructions on approach patterns. Instead, we’re going to concentrate on the actual process of landing the aircraft.

Descending – How to Land a Plane:

You merely need to descend slowly for a beautiful descent onto the runway, presuming you are lined up with the runway. We’ll be experimenting with a few various things to do this, including:

⦁ The throttle and the percentage of flaps

⦁ Aircraft Trim

And we’ll be keeping an eye on our RPM and airspeed while we fiddle with these.

You are free to descend in any fashion after you are sufficiently removed from the airport. Set your throttle to your preferred setting and your flight trim to the proper angle. But, when it comes time to complete the trip, there is a limited amount of runway available, making things more challenging.

Final Descent – How to Land a Plane:

With your variometer, you should aim for a speed of roughly -500 feet per minute for a smooth landing. Specifically, the device that shows how much height you are gaining or losing each minute. Not that difficult, does it? Simply reduce the trim considerably, and the aircraft should reach that descent speed very rapidly. While that is true, using that strategy will also allow you to go much faster. If we want to execute this correctly, we can’t be moving too quickly when we’re trying to land.

Instead, our primary focus will be on the throttle and flaps. Flaps are an excellent way to increase the plane’s drag and slow down.

You can raise the plane’s flaps once you reach or fall below 80 knots of speed. Keep your plane flying in the same direction by adjusting your trim. By doing this, you’ll be able to lower your airspeed even more while also accelerating your descent. Your rate of descent on a Cessna 152 can be doubled by turning up the flaps to their highest setting. We must take a counter intuitive action: we must boost the throttle in order to get things back to normal. By giving the plane additional power, you can slow down its descent without gaining speed because you’re battling drag.

To get the ideal balance between throttle, flaps, and pitch, you might need to experiment with these values a few times. There is a proper balance for any plane, except for wind and runway length.

You should get at the runway safely after doing this. But how can you ensure that it lands gracefully as opposed to crashing to the ground?

Touchdown – How to Land a Plane:

When you’re nearly above the runway and prepared to land, completely reduce the throttle and let the aircraft drift. It won’t be long before you “fall” out of the sky at this point. Just gradually slant the plane’s nose upward and hold it there for as long as you can. We already stated that the plane will crash at these speeds and with this amount of drag. Here, being gentle is your main objective. It is considerably difficult for the impact to be rough if the plane is kept as far away from the ground as feasible.


That’s it. Hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post which was about take-off and landing in flight simulator. What’s your experience with this? Feel free to share your thoughts in comments below.

Thank you and see you soon in the next article.

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  1. Thank you for such an interesting article MElamin on how to exit the plane among other tasks in the Xbox One Flight Simulator. I believe this will be extremely helpful for those who might otherwise not even have known how to taxi down the runway is you demonstrated at the first of the article.

    The instructions for taking off, landing and descending are also straight forward but I do wonder how often participants get confused when there are so many different combinations of buttons to push and from at least two different platforms which vary as well.

    I appreciate the time you have taken to lay all this out. Does participation within the simulator actually relate to flying in a real plane or is it more akin to playing a video game?

  2. Hi there. I liked your content, I enjoy reading each word. When I was younger, I had a dream to fly and be a pilot. You described comprehensively and it feels like I’m just flying in the sky. I wish one day I would fly with a real plane. Thank you a lot for sharing this content with us.

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