Flight Simulator Achievements – Mastering the Pilot Profile

Flight Simulator Achievements – Mastering the Pilot Profile:

In Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, achievements are optional objectives that can be fulfilled to display a badge on the pilot’s profile.

Rubberneck View a star landmark for three seconds while standing no more than 550 yards away with the Smart Cam.

Mother Nature Adjust the weather during a flight.

Start Me Up Manually start the Airbus A320neo’s engines, without using Assistance.

By the Book At a towered airport, ask ATC for landing clearance without employing ATC assistance.

In the Wild Use the Smart Cam to view animals for 3 seconds, from a distance of 550 yards or fewer.

Service with a Smile While at the proper airport gate, request each sort of pre-flight ground service.

Back-up Plan Make use of the pre-flight Pushback Service to move the aircraft a total of one mile.

Job Shadowing Create a flight plan based on a Live Traffic aircraft, then fly the route without assistance.

Wheels Up, Wheels Down From takeoff to landing, you must go at least 300 miles without stopping.

Look Ma, No Hands! Utilize autopilot for a total of 600 miles.

Light Chop Land at an airport where wind speeds are in excess of 5 knots, without using any assistance.

On the Green Without assistance, land on a grassy runway.

Stay on Target Use the Instrument Landing System (ILS) to complete a landing.

My Way a non-stop, 300+ mile fly from one parking location to another without help.

Deadstick Landing After receiving landing clearance, switch off engines and successfully land on the runway.

Working for the Weekend Complete a weekly activity.

Frequent Flyer Miles Fly from LFBD airport, which is close to Asbo Studio, to KSEA airport, which is close to Microsoft’s corporate headquarters.

Road Trip Taxi aircraft for a total distance of 10 miles.

A Few Bumps Land without utilizing any assistance at an airfield with winds more than 15 knots.

Short Stuff Land without help or avoiding any travel on a runway shorter than 2,000 feet.

Uphill Climb Land on a runway that has at least a 12 degree incline, without using any assistance.

Fire and Ice Complete the Patagonia Bush Trip, without using any navigation assistance.

Anemoi Complete the Balkans Bush Trip, without using any navigation assistance.

Goldrush Finish the Nevada Bush Trip without the aid of any navigational aids.

Tour Guide Use the Smart Cam to view 25 star landmarks, from a distance of 550 yards or fewer.

Pilot Program 50 hours of flight time should be accumulated in one pilot profile.

Greased Complete every Landing Challenge.

Hydroplaning Accumulate 50 hours of light in rainy weather.

Flights of Fancy Utilize a prop, jet, and airliner to complete flights of at least 300 miles.

Saddle Sore Complete a flight of at least 8 hours with a propeller or turbo-prop aircraft.

Century Club Accumulate 100 hours of flight time in a single pilot profile.

Night Owl Accumulate 50 hours of flight time at night.

Instrumental 50 hours of IFR flying time, with at least one takeoff and landing, is required.

Decathlon Complete 10 weekly activities.

Completionist Complete every activity.

Side and Stars Land at 25 different star airports shown on the World Map.

Landmarks the Spot View 100 star landmarks with the Smart Cam from no more than 500 yards away.

World Traveler Land successfully at 500 different airports.

Jack of all Planes Complete a 300+ mile flight using each aircraft in Flight Simulator’s standard version.

Journeyman Accumulate 500 hours of flight time in a single pilot profile.

Wing Commander Accumulate 1,000 hours of flight time in a single pilot profile.

Why you should try Flight Simulator:

VR is coming:

MSFS was also published at a very exciting time because it will make use of the second generation of VR headsets, including the HP Reverb G2, which will be available this fall. These have a greater resolution than the original Oculus devices, making them even more appropriate for flight simulation environments with complicated displays. Particularly, the virtual reality versions of MSFS’s clouds, scenery, airports, and cockpits will raise the bar for this already gorgeous simulator to dizzying heights. Fans of flight simulation games like DCS World, IL-2, and X-Plane have already embraced virtual reality with enthusiasm, but up until now, there hasn’t been a “killer app” that justifies the expense and weight of headgear.

However, judging by the response to MSFS already, this well could be the software product that sends VR sales through the roof as it is likely (providing ones’ PC is powerful enough) to provide an unmatched sense of immersion.

A taste of the freedom of flight:

Additionally, MSFS occurs at a time when many parts of the world, particularly internationally, are prohibited from traveling. People have put off taking vacations and long for a taste of the freedom of flight that is currently prohibited. In fact, both activities tap into the freedom to move and escape that flying offers, whether you’re hopping in a Piper Cub to fly about your neighborhood or gazing out an airplane window on your way to a vacation.

Therefore, while MSFS does not take the place of actual travel, it does serve as a reminder of what millions of us are missing. Thus, virtual airborne tourism around the world serves as a potent stimulant for our desire to travel and also gives people new, fresh ideas for vacation spots and trips once they can fly again.

In conclusion, MSFS (or FS2020) is an important milestone for PC flight simulation and video games, and it marks the beginning of a very exciting path. It also has the power to inspire awe and amazement about flight in these difficult times, which may encourage a whole new generation to learn more about aerospace and aviation. The technology, which is based on AI, satellite, and aerial photography, also has uses outside of aerospace.


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4 thoughts on “Flight Simulator Achievements – Mastering the Pilot Profile

  1. Great article! I like the diversity of the achievements. Flight Simulator surely adapted very well to technology throughout the years, I remember playing the 98 version which was the second one if I’m not mistaken…

    With all the parallel research in the industry, do you think it helped a lot in making the simulation accurate? Seems like it became a valuable pilot training platform now!

  2. Thank you for your interesting post. 

    This would be a very popular product, as you say with so many countries unable to travel and aviation in many gringing to a halt altogether.

    I would be interested to learn more about virtual airborne tourism and it’s potential, popularity currently and what the future holds. 

    The many achievement badges available make this a wonderful opportunity to have fun while learning more about other countries and aviation, just as if you are traveling. 

    In my opinion, this looks like an adventure worth exploring further. Thanks again for your helpful post. 

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