About me

About me:


Hello Everyone, my name is Mohamed, and welcome to Flight Simulator and Accessories website. When I was young, under ten years of age, I always like to play with aircraft toys. I build aircraft using Lego pieces and draw airports and planes taking off and landing on paper. I also played F22 lightning and other flying games on the computer in the late 1990s. The good thing about the F-22 lightning game is that you can auto-land the aircraft. While travelling, I prefer to sit near aircraft windows so I can see how it take off and lands and see the view of the city during the day or night.

I came to live in Canada with my parents from abroad in 2001. I was looking for a flying game, and I played Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002, and I really enjoyed it. That is because I can select a different type of aircraft, weather, day or night, and fly to various cities around the world. The most exciting feature is cockpit interface, runway views, and landscape.

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How I found Wealthy Affiliate?

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Contact me at mohammedelamin83@hotmail.com if you have any questions.