X Plane 12 Release Date – Unveiling the Upgrades

X Plane 12 Release Date – Unveiling the Upgrades:

After months of “early access,” X-Plane 12 is now publicly accessible for aviation fans. In order to offer a flawless final release, Laminar Research’s developers have been working diligently over this time, introducing new features, addressing bugs, and depending on user feedback. What are the release details for X-Plane 12 and will it be able to compete with Microsoft’s superb Flight Simulator 2020?

Before answering above questions, let’s take a closer look at X Plane 12 itself and changes it’s been made from the previous version.

Ready for take-off:

The creator and publisher of the X-plane series is Laminar Research, a company based in the United States. Launched in 1995, this license is renowned for being highly accurate. In addition to flying enthusiasts and professionals, gamers also use X-plane.

The elimination of the artificial damping slider is one of the most significant updates in X-Plane 12. Previously, you could use this function to fine-tune the behavior of your aircraft, but the new, ultra-realistic flight model eliminates the need for it. That degree of dedication is what the team’s work on X-Plane 12 has demonstrated. X-Plane 12 is THE reality, according to Laminar Research’s Final Boss, and not just extremely realistic.

A World of Possibilities:

In comparison to its predecessor, the primary menu has not undergone any significant changes. The options are essentially identical in X-Plane 12. You have the option to start a brand-new game, load an existing game, continue flight, change parameters, and select flight school.

The tutorial in the game only covers the essentials to get you familiar with piloting; there is nothing special about the material. You may perfect your takeoff and landing, discover how to use the instruments, carry out an ILS approach, and get comfortable with helicopter flight. Beginners might lament the tutorial’s shallowness, but keep in mind that this is a pure simulator and not a game per se.

Highs of the flight:

No wonder it takes 100 hours of theory to learn to fly.

The first thing you notice is the attention to detail after you settle in behind the yoke (or maybe you prefer a joystick?). The cabin is amazing and nearly all the controls work as they should (you can also visit and examine any aircraft’s full cockpit). Check out our in-depth comparison in “Yoke or Joystick: Maximizing Your Flight Simulation in X-Plane 12” if you’re still not convinced whether to use a yoke or joystick.

Even though it doesn’t quite measure up to Flight Simulator 2020, X-Plane 12 is still well-made. When your flight plan is prepared—or not—this is when X-plane really shines.

The title created by Asobo is far superior to the one by Laminar Research. Of course, the two brands’ development budgets varied significantly, and Laminar Research’s objective was presumably not to produce the year’s most visually stunning game. But in order to improve the flying experience, we hope to see updates to certain functions.

The vast majority of aircraft are quite well constructed. The models, textures, and interior rendering are of the greatest quality. The picture quality appears to deteriorate as you zoom out on the control displays, making it difficult to read the displayed data.

The airports are quite detailed on the ground. There is activity; you can see other airplanes parked in all their grandeur here and there. Everything is depicted accurately, including the rubber tracks, taxiways, and the runway. Brilliant illumination is used to illuminate the runway at night.

The Pyla Dune is covered in a strange texture:

The textures of the clouds are similarly weird, to be perfectly honest. While it appears decent from a distance, up close, it is quite pixelated. I won’t even begin to discuss the cities. Whether you’re in the suburbs of New York or Kuala Lumpur, the little towns all have the same look and feel of Sim City. Don’t waste your time trying to fly your Cirrus SR 22 over Grandma’s house.

It ruins the experience for a recreational pilot who just wants to relax and take in the view.

But since this is a simulator that will be accessible for a very long time, the creators probably anticipate that users will create landscapes deserving of the term.

Customize your journey: Add-ons and scenery:

As is customary with this type of game, the player base has played and will continue to play a big part in the game’s success. Laminar Research is aware of this and has long relied on its devoted community. A wide variety of aircraft, airport improvements, and scenery are already available for download.

All of this will improve how realistic flying on X-Plane feels. Free mods can be found, but some of them are payware, and the cost can be high.

We shouldn’t be surprised that some people want to monetize their skills because it takes a lot of time and skill to model a plane in Blender or create landscapes in other tools.

The Release Date:

It has excellent aesthetics thanks to volumetric clouds, a constantly changing weather system, and photo metric lighting, and it is very immersive because to support for VR headsets like the Valve Index. The X-Plane 12 full release date is also revealed in the trailer, which is December 2022.

Is it worth the flight?

Even though X-Plane 12 is very young, it already has a lot of promise. Without a doubt, we would prefer if the graphics were more akin to Asobo’s sim than X-Place 11. However, given that the portrayal in the air is good, it generally doesn’t diminish the fun of flying. Whether X-Plane 12 is more expensive than Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is a common concern among fans of flight simulation.

For lack of a better way to say it, weekend pilots and casual gamers who want to fly across the world but aren’t searching for pure simulation would prefer Flight Simulator 2020. We also adore the rest of what X-Plane has to offer.

Regarding simulation purists, X-Plane 12 and its incredibly realistic flight model will provide much more to aviation fans who want to hone their skills or even those who just want to practice flying. I don’t intend to stop using Flight Simulator or X-Plane 12. In the end, rather than competing, the two are complementary. At the end of the day, it’s fantastic to grind the Assetto Corsa tracks, but sometimes you just need to kick back with a GT7.


That’s it. Hope you’ve found useful information about the X-Plan 12. I’ve tried to cover everything you need to know about the game in this article. What do you think about X-Plan 12? Have you tried it? Did you like it?

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  1. Happy 1st birthday to this insightful blog on X-Plane 12! 🎉 The post brilliantly dissects the flight simulator’s strengths and areas for improvement. It commendably highlights the removal of the artificial damping slider, attention to detail, and community-driven add-ons. The review’s honesty about graphics and potential improvements showcases a forward-looking perspective. The comparison with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 caters to diverse audiences. Here’s to another year of insightful content and exciting developments in flight simulation!

    1. Thanks for your feedback! If you’re looking for a new flight simulator to try, we recommend checking out X plane 12 and Flight Simulator 2020. Give them a test run and see which one suits you best. I Think X Plane 12 offers an unmatched level of detail that will make you feel like you’re truly in the cockpit.

  2. Awesome article on the upcoming release of the X Plane 12! I appreciate the way you’ve outlined the key details, from the graphics to weather systems and physics. It sounds like X Plane 12 will be a great flight simulator for the pure simulators. I do wonder, however, is there a way to mod this simulator? For example, add more realistic textures and graphics to get the best of all worlds?

    1. Thanks for the feedback. When you install X plane 12 you can add more features like textures and set your graphics to high for the best performance.

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