Pro Flight Simulator Review – The Ultimate Guide: Should You Buy It?

Pro Flight Simulator Review – The Ultimate Guide: Should You Buy It?

In this highly detailed open-world Flight Simulator, go to the skies in actual aeroplanes. Investigate high-resolution scenery. Take off, fly, and return to the airport safely.

This comprehensive Flight Simulator lets you fly modern fighters like the Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II and tourist planes like the Embraer EMB 314 Super Tucano.

Pro Flight Simulator:

I’m sure thousands of you have heard about a new flight simulation package. Pro Flight Simulator is the name of the game. Pro Flight Simulator isn’t exactly new; in fact, it’s a rebranded version of a flight simulator you may have used for years.

The company promoting and branding Pro Flight Simulator has run an intensive social marketing effort, using article techniques to increase their search engine rankings, and has also done regular advertising on various flight simulation websites. In reality, we’ve found that the ads on many websites are reviewing and promoting this product.

You’ll notice that I never say “creating” the product, only “branding,” since that’s exactly what’s going on here: Pro Flight Simulator is essentially a rebranded version of a popular free program called FlightGear which you may have heard of.

The same as many other Flight Simulator games, the Pro Flight Simulator has its own pros and cons. You should keep in mind that FlightGear is an open-source software which means everyone can involve in this software and make his own version.

The following is a quote from the official FlightGear Wiki page on the product:

Under the provisions of the GNU GPL license, which FlightGear is licensed under, reselling is permitted. The greatest difficulty that FlightGear creators have is with pro flight simulators’ deceptive marketing practices, which target unwary customers who aren’t familiar with FlightGear. This is essentially an ethical issue rather than a legal one.

FlightGear also states:

Pro Flight Simulator is a commercial program built on FlightGear to a large extent. Apart from the name change, a number of FlightGear developers have discovered no differences between this and the FlightGear v1.9.1 release. The main FlightGear development team does not promote or support Pro Flight Simulator.

Given the similarities between Pro Flight Simulator and FlightGear, we recommend that potential purchasers download FlightGear for free before purchasing Pro Flight Simulator to ensure that it gives good value for money.

So it appears that Pro Flight Simulator is merely a rebranding of the popular FlightGear software, and although this isn’t legally “illegal,” it is unethical in the circumstances. With their Google page one position for the search “flight simulator,” the creators grab hundreds of “first-time” flight-sim aficionados. Hundreds of “capture” websites have been put up with the purpose of catching searchers and sending them to their website, where they may purchase the merchandise.

They’ve also put up a slew of Twitter accounts that routinely tweet links to their main website – in fact, there’s an advertising and canvassing material everywhere you look. Hundreds of websites, affiliate portals, and even the top page of Google for the search “flying simulator” are controlled by them.

If you fun a Google search for “Pro Flight Simulator”, you can find articles about this Flight Simulator, some liked it, and some others didn’t.


Real Design:

Pro Flight Simulator TM was created with the goal of being as realistic as possible, with real-world scenery based on military mapping and full realistic pilot control.

For almost 120 aircraft, you receive full-size cockpit mockups and ultra-realistic flight characteristics.

Investigate The Complete WORLD WITH 100% FREEDOM:

Over 20,000 Real World Airports Pro Flight Simulator™ maps the Whole GLOBE with real MILITARY world information with stunning realism. Choose an aircraft and investigate the skies of the complete worldwide. You’ll fly your chosen plane over The Incredible Divider of China, Europe, Africa, indeed your own house. Our routinely upgraded landscape database is recovered from the US Defense Mapping Office so meaning you’ll continuously be encountering the foremost exact view.

LIVE Preparing Stage FOR Real PILOTS:

Alternative Preparing Sim For Proficient Pilots Since its beginning, it has been utilized as an elective to the huge flight test systems utilized to prepare proficient pilots. It is certified for commercial utilize and gives equipment and frame-rate checks required for FAA certification. Pro Flight Simulator™ is additionally right now in beta testing organize all overtaking an interest flight schools around the world.

Real Weather:

Experience the genuine impacts of climate and wind control on your flying machine because it takes off through gails, wind, rain, snow or indeed lightning. It calculates your closest air terminal and brings the current METAR for that station from the NOAA climate benefit.

Test Your Abilities by Flying 120+ Distinctive Plane:

You can begin flying with over 120 aircraft that incorporates the 1903 Wright Flyer, Ornithopters, a 747, A320, Boeing 777, Airbus 380, different military planes and a few light singles.

Fly Distinctive Helicopters:

Fly a therapeutic helicopter and arrive on inaccessible snow secured mountain, or how around taking charge with the most recent military Westland Lynx. The choice is yours.

Land at Your Neighborhood Airplane terminal –

Why Not Fly over Your House? 20,000 + genuine world air terminals within the full view set. You’ll fly over your house or indeed your nearby school.

Full ATC Functions The entire ATC-communication from the Door to the Runway, From the Sky to Arrive, From Taxi To Gate, Request clearance for takeoff, takeoff, taxi and more.

20,000 Airplane terminals + World Scenery:

The platform frequently upgraded territory database is recovered from the US Defense Mapping Agency. Take off from over 20,000 genuine world air terminals.


In total, I think that it’s worth giving Pro Flight Simulator a try. Although it needs improvements on many aspects since it’s not designed by Microsoft’s team, it’s acceptable as an independent experience. I hope you liked and enjoyed reading this article, there’s more to say about Pro Flight Simulator, but I would prefer to finish this post here and, instead of continuing it, ask your opinion about it; do you have experience with Pro Flight Simulator? If so, feel free to share it in the comments below, and I would be happy to read them.

6 thoughts on “Pro Flight Simulator Review – The Ultimate Guide: Should You Buy It?

  1. My experience on this article is zero, however, my recollection in the gaming world, several of my grandson’s always buying games, and during their purchases, since they have to get my permission to use my credit card, the name of flight gear and other similar names would surface.

    However, I am please to view this article, because I am gaining some knowledge of what’s going on in the world, especially that we are heading into a new era of the universe.

  2. I like the real-world scenery based on military mapping and full realistic pilot control. And experiencing the real impact of wind and other weather conditions while flying our plain is mind blowing. After reading your review, I really want to go check out Pro Flight. Thank you for entering into a lot of details in this post.

  3. What an amazing technology!

    It is my first time to read about Pro Flight Simulator and you made me look into your other articles. At my age of 55, and female as I am, I could not avoid being curious and excited to try this if and when given a chance – to experience taking off, flying, and returning to an airport as if it’s real! I would really love to experience this, and see scenery like it is real…

    My question is – does one need basic knowledge in aeronautics before using this Pro Flight Simulator?

    Thanks and God bless,


    1. It is recommended to have some basic in aeronautic but not a requirement. You can just purchase and download Pro Flight Simulator on PC and practice.

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