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What is Flight Simulator?

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Flight Simulator is a type of simulator that is for training pilots for aircrafts. It is a way of simulating the condition of a pilot in a plane by allowing the user to fly that aircraft. The Simulator is to simulate the movement of aeroplanes, thereby allowing the learner to understand how to fly an airplanes.

How Flight Simulators Are Currently Used? It is a two-person team that can be used to play the roles of pilot and co-pilot. The Flight Simulator simulates the aircraft flight itself by simulating the various components such as the cockpit, flight controls, and other instruments for the flight pilot to demonstrate that the user can control a real aircraft.

Who developed Flight Simulator games?

Flight Simulator is a video game developed by Microsoft company. It is an American technology company. With this game, you will be able to fly and explore the planet virtually with different aircraft types by using your desktop or laptop. There are thousands of airports and cities to select, and there are mountains, lakes, animals, and rivers.

A Laptop or desktop must meet the minimum requirement to install Microsoft Flight Simulator. After it is downloaded and installed within the computer, you will open the program, and you may see options to pick out aircraft types, weather types, and locations. Once you select these options, prepare to fly and explore the virtual world.

Flight Simulator Version:

There are three versions of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020:

Flight Simulator Standard, Deluxe, and Premium version.

In August 2020, Microsoft released the most recent version of Flight Simulator 2020. Previous versions were Flight Simulator X, 2004, 2002, and older.

Another version of Flight Simulator:

There is an X plane 11 simulator version. Laminar develop this version in 1995, and it is used for professional or personal use. The latest version was released in September 2020.

Why did I choose to play Flight Simulator?

When I was young, I love to play with aircraft toys and use Lego toys to create aircraft. I used to draw airports, airplanes taking off and landing on paper. I prefer to sit near an airplane window so I can see how it take off and lands and allow me to see cities and landscape.

When I grew 18 years of age, and I came from abroad to live in Canada in 2001. I bought a Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 and installed it on my desktop. I actually enjoyed it as I was flying a real aircraft. But without a joystick, because at that point, I used to be comfortable using the keyboard. I flew virtually from North America to Europe and from Africa to South America. It is fun to explore the globe while sitting at home. I had no issue with taking off, but landing at the airport is a bit more complicated, especially if you are flying a bigger aircraft.

I viewed the aircraft from a different angle. It had been enjoyable to fly aircraft virtually from anywhere within the world. I was a beginner, and that I went through the training. Once I downloaded the Flight Simulator game on my PC, I accessed the activity through the Flight Simulator program. A teacher taught me a way how to fly an aircraft and to navigate through the cockpit. I received the trainer certificate after I successfully complete the teachings a very long time ago.

What you can do with Flight Simulator?

For anyone interested in flying an aircraft, and explore the world virtually. Just explore the globe while sitting at home.

What is the purpose of my website?

I need to assist them in installing the program correctly, finding out how to navigate through the program and the way to fly to become a virtual pilot, recommend Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 or X, help them to pick a good gaming computer that meets it is requirements, recommend using one of the accessories to control the aircraft and find out how to fly a plane, adjust the graphic settings between medium and high resolution for good game experience and learn how to use cockpit controls so they can take off and land safely.

That’s because it’ll help them if they need to become an actual pilot or fly for fun. But taking flight school is required to become a real pilot.

I want to show people that I enjoy playing Flight Simulator X. From my experience, it’s better than the previous version thanks to improved graphics, scenery, and more aircraft options to select.

Questions or comments?

Feel free to ask a question or leave comments on my website. I provided the information about Flight Simulator so you can understand it.



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  1. My dad is a pilot along with all his friends.  I am curious if a flight simulator program would help while trying to obtain a private pilots license?  I am unsure of all the requirements, but everyone in the family flies and it is time that I show an interest.  Maybe there would be a way for me to get started?

    1. A Flight Simulator program can help you with the skills of flying an aircraft. You can take a flying lesson and there is instructor Rod Machado who teaches lessons for beginners on how to fly an aircraft. After you complete the lesson you will get the Solo certificate. The aircraft you will be using is Cessna 172. If you want to use larger aircraft you need to access the mission tab in Flight Simulator X program. But you cannot obtain the private license by completing Rod Machado lessons so you need to take flight school to get the license. The requirement as far as I know is to get private license is to pass medical exam, finish the training lesson, meet minimum age and pass the exam with good grade.

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  3. I have to admit, this is something that i have never as yet had the pleasure of trying out. I have obviously had a shot of some of the flight simulator games on the PC and consoles etc, but i have never actually had a shot at a real flight simulator. Hopefully i will try one soon.

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