Flight Simulator Multiplayer – Gather your friends or challenge strangers in an epic online gaming session!

Flight Simulator Multiplayer – Gather your friends or challenge strangers in an epic online gaming session!

flight simulator multiplayer

It is good to play to play with other players around the world exploring the skies from your own computer by inviting a friend or stranger.

Flight Simulator Multiplayer Explained:

Here’s the explanation.

Online-enabled “VIP” mode lets you invite other players into your flight simulation experience. You can go online and play a separate game from other players on the same server. However, while playing online, you are separate from your Flight Simulator game and cannot directly interact with other players.

This is the “easiest” method to join a game as it takes the least work to set up. For example, you could invite a few friends or sign up for one of several private game servers using a premium game account, for which there are additional (free) game modes and options.

Online-enabled “Player Finder” helps you find other players who want to join your Flight Simulator game – these players are likely to be members of your Flight Simulator VIP program.

How Flight Simulator Multiplayer works:

For live players and other players, everyone is playing on the same server and the game will look for a data of closest 50 players within 200 kilometres radius.

This saves bandwidth, so you’re not tracking thousands of players at once, which is likely in popular locations.

There are some additional caveats to how this works in practice:

⦁ If there are less than 50 players within that radius, all players will appear.
⦁ If there are more than 50 players within a 200k radius, only the closest 50 will appear.
⦁ The number of players actually visible depends on your performance settings. If you are on lower settings, fewer players will physically appear. However, the server will still be tracking them – and will be displayed on your radar for you to see.

A decent internet connection is required to play a multi-player game. The speed should be at least 50 Mbps per second.

Finding People to Join your Flight:

FS multiplayer

Finding a multiplayer match online is much like finding an RPG or PVP session. Try searching for the game in the Steam group. Usually, the group’s been joined already, so you’ll need to join it yourself. You can also visit the list of groups in the game’s main menu.

You can also try and find a friend from your Steam Friends List or Xbox Live.

Find you a Match:

Once you’re matched up, you’ll both receive a Steam invite to the session and are free to fly together. You’ll see an option on your screen telling you where you are on the map or by looking at a small indicator next to the player’s seat. Also, the basic flight modes are included in the game to get you started.

How to Invite a Friend to Join you on Your Flight:

It can be done in two simple steps:

Step 1: Open up your Flight Simulator setup menu and select the Your Friends button.

Step 2: A new dialogue will pop up, asking which friends you want to invite. You can choose from people you’ve previously flown with, your gaming friends, or just your Facebook friends.

Click on the “Invite Friends” button to invite someone. When you add your friends, they’ll show up on the friend’s list. Once someone is invited to a flight, it means they’ll be added as a passenger, and you can now invite your friends to join the flight.

Invite a Friend to Join you in Flight Simulator:

FS 2020 Airbus A321 jet

Check the box next to each friend’s name on the flight list to invite them to your flight. Once they’re added to the flight, they’ll automatically be added as a passenger on the flight.

Multiplayer in the Real World:

The best real-world experience is with other people on your team, whether that’s flying against opponents or with others you know. To play with other real-world pilots, you can follow the links below to the GameFly and eBay stores.

You can also find other players to play with using the FlightSim Network or join a FlightSim team.

Check the box next to each friend’s name on the flight list to invite them to your flight. Once they’re added to the flight, they’ll automatically be added as a passenger on the flight.

Benefits of Multiplayer:

⦁ Advanced Simulation
⦁ Realistic physics engine.
⦁ No random collision.
⦁ Joints work both ways (parachutes, flaps, etc.)
⦁ Acceleration, airspeed and rate of descent accurately modelled.
⦁ Accuracy of ground navigation and flying of aircraft.
⦁ Correct “wing-angle of attack” and other wind dynamics (based on physics) dramatically reduces pilot error.
⦁ Enables flying in environments that are virtually impossible for human pilots.

Multiplayer Flight Modes:

You can create groups and parties that set up the virtual world as a whole, or per person, with some different settings and gameplay modes available.

1- Flight Sim Flight Mode:

In this mode, all participants have their own set of flight paths, or wings, which are chosen by the players to best represent their flying experience.

Each person will follow their own wings (for example, if they have a glider, the wings they fly on are their glider wings) in the style they prefer.

2- Solo Flight Mode:

This is the normal game mode – simply invite your friend into the game, and you can have a great time with them alone, flying wherever you like.

Multiplayer Tips:

Before you go online, make sure you’ve configured the ‘friend list settings to only add friends that you know.

Note: You must open your Flight Simulator version folder to see the names of the profiles you have downloaded, as some of them are stored in the database. You can find a listing of the profiles that you have downloaded here.

List of Flight Simulator Posing Modes:

FS modes

Flight Simulator currently includes a number of ‘pose’ modes that you can use to customize your avatar. You can configure these on your PC and also use them in the game. However, they result from a number of months of experimentation and community contributions to the simulator.

Multiplayer FAQ:

What is Flight Simulator Online?

Flight Simulator’s online modes are built upon Flight Simulator: 2004. All of the major features of this website are included with the game.

How do I find other players in the Plane Finder?

Choose the Plane Finder button under the “My GSYNC” submenu. From here, you can upload a picture of your aircraft to Plane Finder. You can also change the configuration of Plane Finder if you are not sure which way the players are queuing.

Can I start a game without uploading a picture?

No, you must create a playable character in Plane Finder.

Thank you for reading, and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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