Flight Simulator Airports – The Ultimate Airport Challenge

Flight Simulator Airports – The Ultimate Airport Challenge:


Every airport is unique. Some are clear-cut and easy to use, while others are only accessible to a select group of experienced pilots. Although we might not be able to visit these airports or the neighboring locations in person, a RealSimGear Flight Simulator makes them all accessible. We’ve listed a few prominent airports below; take a picturesque flight or test your mettle at some of the riskiest airports on earth.


KSEZ, located at 4,830 feet above sea level on a 500-foot-tall mesa, continues to rank among Arizona’s most difficult airports to land at and take off from. Despite being beautiful, this airport has experienced a number of infamous crashes because of the unusual wind patterns brought on by the topography around. Pilots operating in these conditions must take the necessary precautions since wind frequently rolls over the Mesa, producing powerful downdrafts. We suggest simulating a landing on Runway 21 in a strong southwest wind condition. This will put your piloting skills to the test and give you the confidence you need to execute this approach in the real world.


Most of us have seen pictures of a huge Boeing 747 flying 150 feet above a busy beach; the pictures nearly appear to be edited. That’s not the case, though, because for successful landings at Princess Julian International Airport, that is actually how close aircraft must fly. You are surrounded by clear, tropical waters in the Netherlands Antilles and the northeastern Caribbean, and you can see mountains off in the distance. Although the landing at this airport is risky, it is thrilling both in real life and in a flight simulator. Practice your approach and watch that you don’t position yourself too low.


Tokyo, Japan’s Narita International Airport (RJAA) is a special airport from which to take off. The adjacent locations also offer thrilling experiences, in addition to the airport’s unique offerings. Make sure you are using PilotEdge or similar virtual air traffic control service to experience this for yourself. This airport is ideal for practicing your communication with Air Traffic Control at the busiest airport in the world. Take a glance at the horizon as you pass over one of the biggest cities in the world. Mount Fuji can be seen off in the distance.



A landing at the Paro International Airport is not only uncommon, but it is also restricted to less than twenty pilots who have received this approach certification. Despite this, you can use a Flight Simulator in the comfort of your home to experience this unusual and hazardous airport. The runway is situated in a narrow valley between two 18,000-foot mountains, and it is only briefly visible just before landing. Naturally, this airport ranks among the most dangerous ones worldwide, but it’s still worth flying into. The first manual-only flight you do, staying clear of houses and power lines, and perfecting the rapid descent will make all other airport landings appear simple.


Can you picture a runway that is slightly longer than the typical aircraft carrier? So, try it if you can’t imagine it! The Junacho E. Yrausquin airport, which is situated on the Dutch Caribbean island of Saba, spans for 1,312 feet before coming to a cliff that will send your flight simulator plunging into the water below. Incidentally, landing on the runway is possible from both sides, which makes simulating a landing more enjoyable. Only in a flight simulator is it possible to swing your plane 180 degrees at the end of the runway to get ready for takeoff after you land in one direction. The airport is a challenge, and many pilots think it takes courage to approach it.


At a height of 9,334 feet, one of the world’s most hazardous airports boasts a 1,729-foot-long runway that slopes upward at a 12% gradient to help pilots slow down the aircraft. To make matters even more difficult, you must land once your approach has begun due to the surrounding mountains’ height, which prevents go-around maneuvers. Create each of those conditions by driving your simulator through heavy downpours, dense fog, and snow, which may frequently result in pilots losing sight of the runway in the Himalayas.



The Florence Airport (FLR) in Italy is one to visit if you’re seeking for a lovely and scenic flight combined with a difficult landing. It’s only a few minutes from the city center. High mountains surround the basin where this airport is located, allowing pilots to approach it from one way and take off from another. As you may try an approach both ways in a flight simulation, which is something pilots cannot do in real life, this provides for a fun experience. The airport is very narrow and wide, and because of the erratic and constantly changing environment, air traffic control must provide wind conditions every two minutes.


Have you ever wished to make a touchdown on one of the world’s most terrifying runways? If so, look up LaGuardia Airport, one of the three airports that annually connects millions of travelers to New York City. This airport features a low and brief approach, a body of water at the side of the runway, and a reputation for closing down at the first sign of inclement weather. Try landing in a foggy rainstorm, one of the numerous weather situations that frequently shut down this airport each year. While in the air, fly across Manhattan Island and stop by the Statue of Liberty.


The Innsbruck Airport, located high in the Austrian Alps, offers pilots a hard approach that is made more difficult by winds that pass across the hilly landscape. Despite the difficulty, it gives pilots the chance to practice their flying skills (without an autopilot), build their confidence, and take in the majesty of the snow-covered horizon all at once. Use your Flight Simulator to practice the “Captains Only” landing, which requires years of preparation for pilots.


That’s it, hope you like this article. What do you think about the best airports in Flight Simulator? Is your favorite airport listed here? If not, feel free to share it in comments below and let others know about it as well.

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4 thoughts on “Flight Simulator Airports – The Ultimate Airport Challenge

  1. I’ve heard about the Princess Julian airport and have seen videos surface of actual planes landing there. The surreallness of that event must be mind-boggling. 

    Another airport runway that captured my attention in this article is the VNLK in the Himalayas. Again, I watched pilots master their landing and take-off skills via video. 

    It never occured to me to trial these landings in a flight simulator game, but I suppose that makes it more entertaining and enjoyable. 

    Great article, thank you.

  2. A very nice and detailed explanation of the different types of airports and their features. Thank you!

    One experience I have had with flight simulators (although limited experience) is that the realism and attention to detail in airport design can greatly enhance the overall flight experience. I have flown in and out of many airports in flight simulators, and have been impressed with the accuracy of many of the designs.

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