Where to Buy Microsoft Flight Simulator?

Where to Buy Microsoft Flight Simulator?


Microsoft Flight Simulator is available for purchase on various platforms like Microsoft Store, Steam, Amazon, and other gaming websites. I highly recommend trying out this incredible game to experience the thrill of virtual flight and explore the vast expanse of our world.

What is Microsoft Flight Simulator?

One of Microsoft’s first major software products (alongside Microsoft Excel), Microsoft Flight Simulator, was designed to teach pilots the basics of aviation and became a bestseller. It has since been re-released in numerous variations, including Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Yosemite, released in 2007, Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Centereach (released to the general public on 15th April 2010), Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Focus (released to the general public on 1st September 2009) Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Arctic Snow and Avalanche (released to the general public on 29th May 2011) Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Extreme (released to the general public on 9th April 2013) And various theme editions, and Live Special Editions.

What Makes it So Special?

So how do you pull off such a feat? Microsoft took everything it was doing in the Xbox One version of Microsoft Flight Simulator X. Windows 10 Edition, merged it with the brand new Aero Graphics engine and 3D depth maps. Think of the (old school) Microsoft Flight Simulator games as MP3s: they’re 4-8 MB each, and you can’t really get through all of them on one drive, but the range of sound, visual and gameplay quality is simply incredible.

Microsoft has focused on trying to make it the most visually realistic flight sim ever made. The exciting thing is that the developers have a deep knowledge of flight simulation. So they want to tell the story of a flight and show all the most exciting things about flying a plane, rather than simply focus on a specific path.

The Gameplay:

the game play

Part of the wonderful thing about Microsoft Flight Simulator is that it allows for an incredible amount of scope for every pilot in the world to be represented on screen at once. While the flight sequences can be frustrating and could be better optimized, the in-flight time is second to none. For pilots looking to fly with complete motion control, Microsoft Flight Simulator also gives you the opportunity to create a digital avatar of yourself that you can fly against. It also has a massive area for aviation and flight sim enthusiasts.

Any effort made by programmers to give flight sim fans the most realistic experience possible is no doubt worth appreciating. They make many, many efforts to get it right.

Why should you buy Microsoft Flight Simulator?

Microsoft Flight Simulator lets you do more than just pilot your own plane. It also enables you to fly several famous aircraft and support a fully-fledged fleet of seaplanes. You can fly in completely new environments that recreate the weather, geography and landscapes you’d actually find in your dream vacation. It’s impressive, and it’s also the perfect beginning for the real world to the simulator.

Microsoft Flight Simulator takes the sim-game experience to an even higher level and could be your gateway to actual flying. The game’s scale could become a significant step for many gamers interested in learning to fly. The game also has the perfect balance between realism, fun, and ease of use.

The realism:

In most other Flight Simulators, you simply fly a computer model of an aeroplane while doing things like banking or changing your heading. However, in Flight Simulator, this isn’t the case. First off, there are no radio communications. You do not talk to other pilots, do you? Instead, you work by setting up turn direction and heading and simply following them in your aeroplane. You’ll see which way other aircraft are heading, and with the click of a button, you can simply move in their direction and match their heading with yours.

The depth of the game:

So many options – way more than any of us could ever use. Each and every aspect of the game is designed and refined to an extreme level of detail. It includes options galore to expand the game’s capabilities. The game is so rich in choices and so expertly presented that you’ll find yourself exploring just about everything available.

There’s more to it than you’d think – the game includes a menu that acts as a sort of encyclopedia for all the different actions and details involved in the game. From take-off to take-off, all the elements of flight are described in their fullest detail, and the ease with which you can access that information allows you to delve deeper and deeper into the games inner workings.

How many versions does Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 have?

msfs 2020 versions

The Premium and the Deluxe Edition includes everything from Microsoft Flight Simulator. Also, it has ten additional highly accurate aircraft with a unique flight models and ten additional handcrafted international airports. Online multiplayer on Xbox Series X and S needs Xbox Live Gold (subscription are sold separately).

Online multiplayer on Xbox requires Xbox Live Gold (subscription sold separately).

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Microsoft Flight Simulator was made available in the summer of 2020 for PCs and in July 2021 for the Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S. The game is available in three versions which are Standard, Premium, and Deluxe.


Fly 4D, Apollo 13, Flight Simulator, 3D Starmade, and even Flight Simulator X can easily make a serious contender for the top spot among Flight Simulators. However, Flight Simulator X edges out all competition due to its highly customizable cockpit that allows for the one-click creation of virtually any aircraft, engine, controls, and experience desired, as well as a detailed level of detail that is not only astonishingly accurate but also breathtaking. If the price of the base simulator isn’t an issue, Flight Simulator X is easily one of the best purchases you’ll make for your PC.

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