What is the fastest plane in the world today?

What is the Fastest plane in the world today?

The fastest plane in the world today is X 15, and it travels very fast at speeds over 7000 kilometres per hour (4375 miles per hour). It is faster than the fastest commercial jet by over four times, and it flies at a very high altitude higher than standard aircraft. North America made the X 15 in the 1960s.

Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird is the second-fastest jet that travels over 3000 kilometres per hour.



Flying the fastest plane is different from flying an aircraft because it travels at very high speed and it requires a special suit like in shuttle aircraft, that is because the air density is different than flying at a regular altitude. At high altitudes, the pressure changes, and the body cannot handle extra pressure that why a special suite is required.

These fast aircraft are not passenger planes and it is not for fun.

First Fastest plane built:

The fastest plane, X-15 built in the United States in the late 1960s, and it travels over 7000 Kilometres per hour (4375 miles per hour). That is about ten times faster than regular aircraft.

Aircraft use:

figher jet

Mikoyan MiG-25 Foxbat jet was mainly used during the cold war in the Soviet Union. There is also another fastest jet first used during the first world war and second world war.

Other Fastest plane:


The concord jet manufactured in France/UK was the fastest passenger jet globally because it travels at a very high speed and travel time is less than the regular aircraft. It can fly from London to New York in 3.5 hours instead of 7 hours. It requires a very long runway because the take-off and landing speed is very high. The production of concord jet ceased in 2003.

Fastest jet in Flight Simulator X program:

FSX jet

jet cockpit

The fastest plane in the Flight Simulator X program is Boeing F/A-18. The maximum altitude is over 30,000 feet, and the top speed is almost 2000 km/hr at a high altitude. At a lower altitude, the total speed is around 1300 km/hr. The jet can fly thousands of kilometres away and it is speedy due to its powerful engine. Travel time is less than regular aircraft. The cockpit control in Fighter jets is different from normal plane. There is only a virtual cockpit and instrument display on the screen, but you can use the mouse to click on any buttons.

When I take off, I use the throttle and extend the flap down. There are landing lights and strobe lights but only accessible through the virtual cockpit. The only regular cockpit is the Flight display. It displays the airspeed, altitude, wing and banking indicators, and heading indicators.

As you increase speed, you notice an exhaust coming out of the engine, but when you decrease it, the engine runs normally.

Aircraft carrier:

This jet can land and take off in any aircraft carrier. When it is about to land, you need to slow it down below 100 knots, and a tailhook is placed on the aircraft carrier to stop the aircraft and immediately apply the brake to prevent it from overrunning the runway because the carrier runway length is very short to 300 feet.

It is easier for the jet to take off and land on the runway than an aircraft carrier.


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  1. Apart from thinking of the speed, the robust weight and material that is able to attain speed has high as 7000km per hour amaxes me. Even the second. sr-71 that does 3000km per hour is amazing. I can really understand when you said flying the fastest plane is different from flying an aircraft. 

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