Play Flight Simulator games online

Play Flight Simulator games online:

Play flight simulator games online

Play Flight Simulator games online using the computer without installing the program, you will not get all the features, but you will get the basic features. There is no need to download the game on the computer, and there is an option to play with multiplayer online, and it is free. While online games are free, you might see a lot of advertisements. If you can get a game with a bit of advertising, that will be good.

For those who cannot afford to buy Flight Simulator 2020 from the Microsoft website or any gaming website, open the browser Firefox or Chrome to play the game online, and some prefer to play online using the browser. There are small and large aircraft you can select but do not expect high-quality aircraft. The runway, scenery, terrain, 3D building quality may be very low. You may experience lagging while flying. The flying distance is very short, and aircraft travel a very short distance.

You may search older versions of Flight Simulator using the browser.

Other online versions:

There are many Flight Simulators online that are not developed by Microsoft, and other game developers produce them.

The advantage of using online browsers:

flight simulator online

When using the browser, you need to use a search engine like google, then search for the flying game and look for the game you want, and fly using the browser but do not expect high-quality graphics and scenery. While flying, you need to follow the circles to complete the mission successfully and land at the airport.

It is easy to follow the circles because the aircraft travels at a low speed. The picture above is an aircraft above the island, and the aircraft display is straightforward. At the bottom from right to left, you will see the pause game button, ignition, brake, frame rate, throttle percentage, airspeed, compass, altitude, banking indicator, and a small map on the top right. There are no cockpit controls. The only control to use is the joystick or use the keyboard.

Using an online browser:

The good thing about playing using the browser that it is free and does not take computer space. However, you need to clean the browser cache and history after heavy use. Some games require an adobe flash player or Java plugins in order to play. Download the latest Adobe Flash Player or Java and restart the browser.

Note: After December 2020, Adobe Flash player is no longer available for download. So you will have to find another way to play Flight Simulator games online.

The game settings are simple to use when using the browser. You only need to use the keyboards and mouse to play, and before playing, you will see instructions on what key to use to control the aircraft. Mainly the arrow key is used. You can also use a joystick to play Flight Simulator games online.

Go to Top Speed to play Flight Simulator online on the computer. These online games are not compatible with smartphone devices. You need to look for a game that is compatible with an iPhone or iPad or download Flight Simulator from the app store. For steps to download this game on iOS devices click here.

Ages for using online browsers:

Adults and children can play Flight Simulator games online.

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