Microsoft Flight Simulator Troubleshooting – Some Common Problems and Solutions

Microsoft Flight Simulator Troubleshooting – Some Common Problems and Solutions:

Msfs 2020 troubleshooting

For a game title that is so realistic, with vivid environments and such kind of detail, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 has indeed set a new standard in aviation simulation. Nevertheless, because of its complexity and the need for high-end hardware requirements, users may experience various problems that hinder their flight experience. To provide step by step solutions to these frequent issues, this complete guide will help you through your smooth flights from take-off to landing.

Installation Issues:

Low Disk Space:

Symptoms: Inability to install or update due to storage insufficiency.


  1. Free up space: Remove unwanted applications and erase temporary files.
  2. External Drive: Think about installing the game on an external SSD if you have one as it is faster than conventional HDD.

Slow Download Speeds:

mfs 2020 download speed fix

Symptoms: Abnormally slow downloads or stopped downloads.


  1. Check Internet Connection: Use wired connections since they are more stable. Pause the download then resume it,
  2. Close Background Apps: Ensure no other application is consuming bandwidth.

Performance Issues:

Low FPS or Stuttering:

Symptoms: The game runs slowly or stops periodically.


  1. Update Drivers: Make sure your graphics card drivers are up-to-date.
  2. Adjust Graphics Settings: Reduce the game’s graphic settings particularly “Render Scaling” and “Terrain Level of Detail”.
  3. Background Applications: Turn off unnecessary background apps in order to free system resources.

Crashes or Freezes:

Symptoms: Games freezes during gameplay; crashes back to desktop.


  1. Verify Game Files: Verify the integrity of game files using the platform (e.g., Steam).
  2. Increase Virtual Memory: Increase the size of your virtual memory (paging file) in system settings.
  3. Overclocking: Try running CPU at normal speeds again before trying for stability improvements.

Connectivity Issues:

Unable to Connect to Multiplayer:

Symptoms: Failure accessing multiplayer or joining servers


  1. Check Server Status: Confirm that Microsoft Flight Simulator servers are online.
  2. Firewall and Antivirus: Determine if your firewall or antivirus is blocking the game’s Internet access and add exemptions as required.

Graphical and Audio Issues:

Missing Textures or Poor Graphics Quality:

Symptoms: Scenery looks blurred or lacks certain parts.


  1. Graphics Settings: Increase “Texture Resolution” and “Terrain Level of Detail” in settings.
  2. Data Consumption: Enable high quality textures from online services with “Data Consumption”.

No Sound or Distorted Audio:

Symptoms: Sound is absent or sounds odd.


  1. Update Audio Drivers: Make sure your sound card’s drivers are current.
  2. Check Audio Settings: Verify in-game audio settings are correctly configured; reset or adjust them accordingly.

Peripheral Issues:

Joystick or Controller Not Recognized:

Symptoms: The game cannot detect your flight controls.


  1. Reconnect Device: Unplug then plug back your device. Try different USB port.
  2. Update Drivers: Check for latest driver updates for controller/joystick.

Game Updates and DLC Issues:

Difficulties with Updating the Game or Installing DLCs:

Symptoms: Errors when downloading/installing updates/DLCs occurs.


  1. Check Disk Space: Ensure there is enough space for update/DLC to take place.
  2. Run as Administrator: To avoid permission issues start the game client as an administrator.

Miscellaneous Issues:

Game Does Not Start:

Symptoms: Clicking “Play” does nothing or displays an error message. Solution:

  1. Run as Administrator: Right click on the game icon click “Run as Administrator”.
  2. Compatibility Mode: Run the game in compatibility mode for a previous version of windows.

Achievements Not Unlocking:

Symptoms: Achievements do not unlock despite meeting criteria. Solution:

  1. Check Conditions: See that all conditions are met, by reviewing the achievement criteria.
  2. Internet Connection: A solid internet connection is necessary for unlocking achievements.

Troubleshooting Crashes During Takeoff and Landing:


If Microsoft Flight Simulator crashes during takeoff or landing, it could be due to various reasons. like for instance hardware problems, video settings or software conflicts. Below are some ways in which these crashes can be solved:

  1. Lower Graphics Settings: If you notice the game is performing poorly, especially with regards to graphics output, try toning down the graphics settings in general e.g., texture quality, rendering distance and shadow details.
  2. Update Graphics Drivers: Be sure your graphic card drivers are up-to-date. To download and install the latest driver versions, go to NVIDIA (Graphics Card Manufacturer) AMD or Intel (Graphics Card Manufactures).
  3. Check for Overheating: Ensure your computer does not get overheated while playing by monitoring its temperature. You may use a program such as MSI Afterburner or HWMonitor to check temperatures.
  4. Disable Overclocking: To troubleshoot the issue, you can default back your CPU or GPU clock speeds if they are overclocked.
  5. Close Background Applications:Avoid using unnecessary background programs because they interfere with this game.
  6. Run as Administrator: Launch Microsoft Flight Simulator right click on the shortcut then select run as administrator so that it will have sufficient privileges for smooth operations.

In case none of them solve this problem, contact Microsoft flight simulator support team who will give more specific solutions based on what system configuration you have and nature of such crashes.

Other Common Issues:

  • Trying to lower down game’s graphic setting if experiencing low FPS or performance issues.
  • If the game frequently crashes check for any available updates both for operating system and game itself.
  • When experiencing disconnections from online services often make sure you verify your internet connectivity and consider reaching out to ISP for support


Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 delivers unmatched flying experience but being a complex software it might come with difficulties. The guide addresses common problems faced when using it hence making it easy running smoothly. Remember that keeping your system and game up to date is vital for both stability and performance purposes. Thus, if problems persist consider contacting Microsoft support or the Flight Simulator community. With a little patience you can soon be back to exploring the skies in this incredible simulator.

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