Microsoft Flight Simulator Troubleshooting – Quick Fixes for Common Gaming Glitches

Microsoft Flight Simulator Troubleshooting – Quick Fixes for Common Gaming Glitches

Msfs 2020 troubleshooting

Flight Simulator 2020 can run into issues. For example Download is slow, crash on loading, sometimes missing content and more. There are common issues that prevent potential pilots from accessing the cockpit and taxing onto the runway, we can help on that.There are reported issues in Flight Simulator 2020 and we can help you to fix that issue, so you will able to get required clearance from air traffic control to begin your next journey.

Here you will learn how to troubleshoot Microsoft Flight Simulator problems. Microsoft Flight Simulator troubleshoots issues related to game freeze, getting an error when installing or while playing the game.

Common Flight Simulator 2020 Issues:

The entire Microsoft Flight Simulator develops series of products using Unreal Engine 4, but it is apparently not compatible with the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 to make the world’s first commercially available VR game. If this is the case for you, we suggest checking out the currently available content for Windows VR headsets.

Flight Simulator slow to download:

Flight Simulator is slow to download because sometimes there are programs in the background slowing the download process, virus is slowing the computer, or slow internet connectivity. If the internet connection dropped for any reason, that will interrupt the download process. Make sure to update windows regularly to ensure the game run efficiently.

To solve the download issue, update to the latest graphic card. If any programs are running in the background, make sure to close them. Use antivirus software to remove viruses from the computer because a virus or spyware/trojan can also slow down the download and internet connectivity. If you have a slow internet connection, you need high-speed internet, preferably 50 Mbps per second.

Loading Screen Crash:

For a while now, users have been complaining about the disappearance of the loading screen once they reach the waiting room. This problem can cause a potentially deadly gap in time for the flight to start, and it can be associated with crashes or other conflicts, so in order to be completely safe, you’ll want to find a solution.

One of the most frustrating problems that you can experience with Flight Simulator 2020 is that you can’t access the landing field. All you need to do is reach the check-in airport at the right time, and you’re off to a great start – but on more than one occasion, you’ve reached the departure airport at the wrong time and have then watched the aircraft fly away.

Fix for slow downloads for FS2020:

mfs 2020 download speed fix

Because of the scope of the download, Microsoft has opted to make the patch available only in phases. You can see the current availability by checking the MFS website. We’ve got an install guide and some tips to get you up to speed.

The tray which usually shows your current workspace is missing from FS2020. Fortunately, our guide reveals how to get the tray back. Also, if you’re experiencing bugs with FS2020 or simply want a quick way to see the average G-force on your controller, then run a search for ‘G-meter’ in the Script Editor. This should produce a standard G-meter and convert it to a G-meter for flight simulation.

Fix for missing content in FS2020:

There are a number of places you can go to find new content to fly around the map, but when you do load a map in the FS2020, some of the vehicles are missing. If this happens, go to the menu and select Options > Matchmaking. Then search for you are on the list and click the “Get” button. Make sure your map is installed, and then click “Get Matchmaking.”

Fix for crashes in FS2020:

These crashes can happen when a model from a mission doesn’t find its way back into the map’s collection. First, you need to find the model; once you’ve located it, double-click it, and a menu will pop up. There is an option to rename it, and its name will change to match the original. Click “OK”, and the model should appear.

Flying Too High:

Whenever you open the simulator and need to find something specific, get within close proximity of your destination, or even just want to set a fast ascent altitude, you’re going to have to enter air traffic control airspace. To select a rapid ascent altitude, the runway and obstacle lights need to be visible to the player and the client and to find out where and how you get in touch with air traffic control, click on the ground marker. Now click anywhere on the ground and follow the path to the nearest air traffic control tower. Click on the tower to enter their airspace. Your client and the Tower controller will then work out how you should reach your destination in real life.

Crashes While Landing:


We’ve heard from a few players who are experiencing crashes while attempting to land, mainly if they’ve left the Flight Simulator app on full screen and hold the game button down. Sometimes crashing can happen for other reasons too. Keep in mind that unlike in the real world, every time you enter the landing procedure in a game, you’re also sending in data to be analyzed by Microsoft, and we should have accurate data by the time your game is in the final analysis.

In our experience, the best course of action is to save your game and exit the simulator in the usual way before you enter your landing procedure. This takes a few minutes, so please be patient. Of course, we’d suggest you stay away from such hard landing procedures, as they can put you out of commission for a while, too.

Crashes While Taking Off:

Seemingly innocuous, the most common issue which often causes a crash while taking off involves missing flight elements. For example, when initially taking off from the airport, the flight deck makes a sudden acceleration towards the runway and then another as it approaches its final approach. While there is no need to create specific scenarios to test the effectiveness of entering a landing procedure, these test flights could be conducted to diagnose potential issues quickly. The standard approach to diagnosing a flat approach may include changing the engine speed to match the correct aircraft speed and then reducing the thrust level to allow for take-off with a stable approach.

Connection Issues:

First, check to see if you’re experiencing a connection error. To solve the connection problem is to open your Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. Go to Connection Settings dialogue box and open the Connection Manager tab. Under the “Latest Connections” section, select “Default Server” and configure your connection to the same as your Windows 10 system. For more help getting started, visit the Microsoft Flight Simulator site’s Getting Started page. The same suggestion can also apply when you notice that Microsoft Flight Simulator is telling you it can’t connect to a server. Simply head to the Internet connection settings in the bottom left-hand corner of the interface. Click the “View Connection” tab and select the correct option from the drop-down menu.

Performance issue:

Incompatible graphic cards can cause an issue when starting the Flight Simulator game. If the game will not load, freeze, or perform slowly, you want to make sure the graphics card is updated, and the resolution setting is correct. Enable hardware acceleration to make sure the program runs smoothly.

Frame rate per second(FPS) slow:

If the graphic card does not meet the minimum requirement to play Flight Simulator. In that case, you will experience a very low FPS, you will notice the aircraft will move very slowly, and if you are flying from one place to another place even for a short distance. It will take hours instead of minutes because the Graphic display unit is not achieving maximum power. To solve the Frame rate per second, you need to upgrade the graphic card.

Game freezes or lags while playing Flight Simulator game:

If the game freezes or lags, try to set the graphic to medium or low and see if it will make a difference. Outdated graphic cards can cause a freezing issue. There might be other reasons while the game freezes, like incorrect date and time on the computer. Set the date and time correctly according to time location.

Program freeze while trying to open it:

If the program freeze while trying to open it, it could be outdated or corrupted drivers, causing it to crash. If the program does not download correctly, it will not work correctly. Corrupted files can also be the reason why the program freezes. To solve the freezing issue, you need to reinstall the drivers, update them, remove the program, and re-download it.

Other Issues:

We’ve also seen many reports of other issues, both common and uncommon. Below is one of the common ones that we’re seeing.

flying during dusk

No vision correction. Sometimes you’ll launch the simulator and immediately be asked to take correction of your vision. This is usually an issue with the headset not being calibrated correctly and needs to be fixed by either the simulator manufacturer or a qualified optician. If you’re experiencing this issue, close the virtual cockpit and then open the Windows registry in File Explorer. From there, you’ll need to launch the Microsoft Flight Simulator Security page and navigate to the Server Name Table column.

Download program from a trusted source:

If you are downloading the program from unknown sources, it can cause a problem when using the Flight Simulator program. To avoid the issue, download the program from an official website/trusted source like Microsoft or Steam. Make sure your computer meets a minimum requirement to play any Microsoft games. Also, run window update regularly to ensure the computer and program run smoothly.


While no software can be entirely perfect, the beta period is an excellent way to get a good, solid look at the current state of a product so you can consider it from a more informed perspective before buying. That said, we’ve been blown away by how good it is and can’t wait to play it again in a couple of months. While you’re looking, you can also download and play the recently released terrain mod and playground.

Do you face any other issues with Microsoft Flight Simulator? Feel free to share it in the comments below.

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