Microsoft Flight Simulator Helicopters

Microsoft Flight Simulator Helicopters:

MSFS Helicopters

Helicopters will make their way into Microsoft Flight Simulator next year as part of a new update, this is confirmed by Asobo studios.

What’s Coming in the Update?

As the name suggests, Helicopters will allow players to pilot helicopters with the ability to select an altitude and direction. Different rotors will be available to choose from, which give the player the ability to perform forward and backward flips, rolls and barrel rolls.

You’ll also be able to choose your steering wheel and keyboard configuration, including a selection of manual control options, allowing you to use the joysticks for landing and a mouse for takeoff. The update will also see you able to take off and land using the jetpack. The new update is in beta and scheduled for release in early 2022.

What does this mean for gamers?

There’s no certainty that Helicopters will replace Microsoft’s current VR headset support for the game or vice versa, but there’s still a small chance. In any case, we’re looking forward to getting our virtual cockpit strapped on the first chance we get.

If you want to get a taste of what it’s like to pilot a helicopter in the simulator, have a read through Asobo’s “Helicopters Inside” update.

“Helicopters Inside” is expected to launch for both Windows 10 and Xbox One in the spring of 2022.

The dates listed above are based on internal dates, which were revealed on Microsoft’s Development Blog and, as such, can be subject to change. It has also been revealed that Microsoft plans to launch a new update for Microsoft Flight Simulator by 2022.

The dates listed above are based on internal dates, which were revealed on Microsoft’s Development Blog. As such, can be subject to change. It has also been revealed that Microsoft plans to launch a new update for Microsoft Flight Simulator by 2022.

What do people want out of the new update?

Helicopter updates

“The people have spoken,” says the studio. “Based on the feedback and requests from our community, we are adding Helicopters into the lineup of customization options for Microsoft Flight Simulator X.”

The update to add the helicopters will take place on February 19th. For the time being, Flight Simulator fans who want to experience the terrifying power of the cockpit can also play Free Flight.

Helicopters in Microsoft Flight Simulator:

“You guys were clear that the largest feature request was that helicopter would be coming to the game,” the blog post explains. “So here is the deal: Helicopters will be coming to Flight Simulator with our next update.”

The update will arrive “in late February” and will allow players to take to the skies with three types of helicopters. There will be the IL-18 or BK117, an ex-US Army HL-20 LIFT helicopter (with three weapon stations and a hyrdrocraft), and a Vought F4U Corsair VF-41 from the film Top Gun.

The content will arrive on PlayStation 5 and Xbox first, with support for PCs “coming soon.”

Microsoft’s announcement of Microsoft Flight Simulator 11 is less than two weeks before the game is set to release, in a split time with Xbox One’s release.

Two other updates that we are looking for:

1- Multiple Screen Support:

multiple screen support

Asobo Studio promises a 10-foot (or as much as you can realistically get in an airplane simulation) weapon camera for ground-based and weapon-tracking cameras.

The update will also introduce software-enabled auto-documentation in-game. This should come as good news to players who’ve been keeping an eye on the project’s development. As previously mentioned, they’ve been cutting that rough with the final days of development leading up to release.

2- Replay Functionality:

While they haven’t released any screenshots yet, Asobo Studio did drop some information about the feature. They also revealed that the helicopter would be able to land and pick up new passengers for you to ride in. This does allow the player to quickly jump in and out of the helicopter if they wish. If the player is bored, they can also run the helicopter back to its hangar, jump out, and get back in the real world, if you so wish.

Asobo Studio also released a few screenshots of the helicopter appearing in the game with a message for players to “start saving lives today”.

Asobo Studio asks for feedback:

The update is still a long way away from release, having not even been given an exact release date yet. Although it seems as though fans of the simulation will have to wait a little longer.

“We still don’t have a date as to when the update will be released.
Asobo Studios has since noted that the new helicopter system will be part of the September 2022 patch, which was confirmed in a September 2021 blog post.

While the studio has stated that the update will go live on its own rather than being the highlight of the update (which will include aircraft tie-in packs), we believe that Microsoft will ultimately take the date from the patch.

Asobo Studio said that the update would include a range of fixes for things like skin glitches and save issues and some quality of life improvements. That’s not all the studio has revealed, though, and if you’re excited about this, you’ll want to keep up with the official update notes. If you want to know the reason behind Helicopter support, you’ll want to keep an eye on the forthcoming patch.

Helicopter Speed and Altitude:

Helicopter maximum speed is around 300 km/hr, altitude of 25,000 feet, and range distance is about 1000 kilometres. A smaller helicopter has a top speed of 200 km/hr and maximum range is 800 km.

Flight Simulator Helicopter controls:

helicopter controls

Using the Helicopter controls is simple. To take off, press the F4 key on the keyboard or use the throttle on the joystick. When there is enough air to lift the helicopter, it will lift off the ground. To move forward or backward, push the joystick forward or back, and if you are using the keyboard, use arrow keys. To turn right or left, use the right or left arrow on the keyboard, and if you are using the joystick, turn the stick right or left. In most cases, you don’t need more than half a throttle to lift the helicopter up.

I did not need to use the cockpit controls. All I need is the flight display. Helicopters don’t have flap or landing gear. So it might be a good idea to practice take-off and landing as much as you like.

My experience with Flight Simulator Helicopters:


helicopter cockpit

I flied a Helicopter a couple of times, but it is not easy because it is difficult to control the turns. Sometimes it turns backward until I push the stick forward repeatedly. I have to complete the mission in Flight Simulator X more than one time to succeed. For information about games missions, click here.

The hardest part is the landing because I have to maintain altitude use the throttle repeatedly to land it safely. If the helicopter is descending too fast, I need to push the throttle forward slightly until the helicopter slows down for landing. When taking off, I have to push the throttle halfway on the joystick to lift the helicopter off the ground. When I want to turn, I push the joystick right or left or twist the joystick for small turns. Overall the experience was good.


It seems that players have to wait some more to be able to fly helicopters in MFS, but it’s definitely good news to see that Asobo is finally planning on adding the feature to Microsoft Flight Simulator. In the meantime, many other great features like replay functionality will come to the game with a new update. Microsoft announced that it’d continue releasing updates for the game regularly, which let players enjoy more from the game.

What are your thoughts on the prospect of Microsoft adding Helicopters to Flight Simulator? Let us know in the comments.

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