Microsoft Flight Simulator Cessna 172 Aircraft – Skyhawk Model

Microsoft Flight Simulator Cessna 172 Aircraft – Skyhawk model:

MSFS Cessna 172 aircraft

It is First flown in 1955. It is aircraft with three wheels and fly at a low speed and lower altitude. It is most produced airplane in history.

The Cessna aircraft has been in production since 1956. It has four seats, one engine, two wings design evolving into over 20 variants throughout the years. It includes the deluxe ‘Skyhawk’ model, debuted in 1960.

Why Choose the Cessna 172?

Why choose Cessna 172 aircraft

The Cessna 172 (a.k.a. Skyhawk) is a relatively new airplane in the second-hand market. With prices exceeding $200,000 – an eye-watering figure for the average homeowner. But compared to similar aircraft on the market, the Cessna 172 is a steal.

With a cruising speed of 166 mph, it doesn’t slow down when fully loaded with modern avionics. For example: radar, GPS, and a sleek looking Garmin panel. All of which is housed in a durable aluminium fuselage.

A similar wing design to the Cessna 190, the 172 shares many of the same components with the 172 model. It includes retractable landing gear, brake pedals and safety belts. The 16.8′ long, a two-piece windshield helps block out wind noise. While a full, covered instrument panel allows pilots to go hands-free.

Getting to Know the Cessna 172:

The 172 is capable of a maximum cruise speed of 220 mph and can fly a distance of over 611 miles at a cruising altitude of 10,000 ft. At 730 pounds, its four-stroke piston engine gives it a 15 percent range increase over its liquid-cooled predecessor and a total range of 1,270 miles.

It can carry a crew of two – pilot and co-pilot – and a passenger up to seven. While at speeds as low as 100 mph, it can keep a distance of as far as 5 miles between its wingtips and the ground.

Aside from being a jet-powered flying machine, the Cessna 172 is also a great general aviation airplane to fly. The 172 uses a nose-mounted gearbox. It allows you to go in any direction and can hold your weight with its robust rear-mounted tire tread.

Why the Cessna 172 is so popular?

A staple of many a flight instructor and bush pilot’s early days, the Cessna 172 has an estimated 40-plus year lifespan (as per Cessna’s operating procedures). Not only can the 172 fit every passenger’s luggage, but it’s lightweight (and thus relatively fuel-efficient), quiet, comfortable and safe.

It’s rare to find another plane that can match the 172’s versatility. In addition to a staggering four-flight deck layout (which enables you to train for, control and conduct routine flights, land and take off in inclement weather or bad weather, and land with at least 10-inches of visibility), the 172 has been incorporated into popular simulators and aircraft Flight Simulators (like Microsoft Flight Simulator and Apple Flight Simulator) for decades.

How to fly Cessna 172 and take off in MFS:

How to fly Cessna 172 and take off

Thanks to its spread of variants, Cessna is a relatively simple plane to fly. All you need is a course for an introductory flight. Although you might also want to check out the Cessna 195, a 155-seat corporate aircraft developed in the late 1980s, which replaces the 172’s original 200 hp Lycoming O-235 engine with an International Six 300 turbocharged engine – a rare engine choice for a tricycle-gear aeroplane.

The 172 also has a minimum fuel capacity of 12.5 gallons, allowing you to take it on short trips without having to refill it as often.

How to taxi and do basic manoeuvers with Cessna in MFS:

Set the speed to first level, 70 mph in the hover (e.g. 0-30mph), 70 mph taxi (e.g. 0-40mph), and take your hands off the controls. After getting in line, it’s a good idea to learn how to take off in a hurry and land on the ground. Just like with any other aircraft – by doing a combination of controlling the throttle and yoke.

For more complex manoeuvres, such as looping, there’s an on-screen throttle lever, and you can use your feet on the pedals for turn and throttle control.

In your book, one of the best reasons to learn how to fly an airplane is that you can just fly it yourself. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need some guidance. To learn to fly the 172, you’ll need to take a few moments to fly the Fight Simulator first, and it’s all available in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Cessna 172 aircraft in Microsoft Flight Simulator:

Cessna 172 in MSFS

The 172, and its 2,850+ owners, have become a sort of ‘flying Rorschach Test’ for the Microsoft Flight Simulator series, enabling hundreds of thousands of gamers worldwide to experience a virtual flight experience from the pilot’s seat of a modern, mid-2000s Cessna 172.

Designed by legendary aviation designer Jack Bellanca. The 172 boasts a fuel capacity of an astonishing 5,000 gallons, a service ceiling of 25,000 feet, and is designed to fly with a 6,000-pound payload – comfortably seating six passengers.

Designed as a reliable workhorse. The Cessna 172 aircraft can even be commandeered for use in high-altitude special operations missions, such as in the film Silver Lining.


With the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator’s new 2020 series of aircraft, we’ve seen a gradual shift toward more realistic aircraft models that should ultimately help us better simulate the real-world aerospace industry.

Based on what we’ve seen so far, the overall fidelity of these new avionics configurations, ground stations and mission planning features should push the aviation sim industry forward as well.
If you’re interested in other aircraft simulators, PC Gamer has a thorough review of the latest offerings.

Thank you for reading this article, and feel free to share your thoughts with me about Cessna 172 in the comments below.

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