Microsoft Flight Simulator Add-ons – Level up your gaming experience with these must-have game add-ons

Microsoft Flight Simulator Add-ons – Level up your gaming experience with these must-have game add-ons:

microsoft flight simulator add ons

Microsoft has recently released its latest installment of Microsoft Flight Simulator, Flight Simulator X. This new release comes with many outstanding features such as complex aircraft models, improved graphics and more detailed terrain. One of the best parts about this latest release is that it now comes with an official add-ons package. Flight Simulator X contains several pre-made Add-ons that are ready to be downloaded and used in your game. These pre-made packages have been designed for all types of users, from the beginner to the expert pilot. If you need help getting started or see a feature missing, information is abundant at your fingertips in the form of guides and tutorials.

Microsoft Flight Simulator X:

Flight Simulator X is a great game to play, but it isn’t the only game out there. There are literally hundreds of different Flight Simulator games available to play online. While most of those games aren’t nearly as fun as Flight Simulator X, they do offer some interesting features to consider before you make your choice. One good way to start thinking about which game is right for you is to consider the available features.

Let’s take a look at what Flight Simulator X contains and why you might want it.

The Pre-made Add-ons:

Flight Simulator X is one of the most popular games on the market today. In fact, it’s so successful that there are thousands of users downloading and using these pre-made packages regularly. It’s easy to see why this is. After all, Flight Simulator X is a great game that you can use as a learning tool or as an immersive experience while you’re flying around the world. The best part about these Add-ons? The creators have put a lot of effort into developing them, and they’re free! Don’t worry if you haven’t played Flight Simulator before; these Add-ons have everything you need to get up and running right away and make your life easier as a new pilot in the game.

Available Add-ons for Flight Simulator X:

available add ons for flight simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator X comes with a vast array of prebuilt Add-ons that will help you experience the game to its full potential. The various Add-ons can be downloaded and installed in minutes, depending on your skill level.

If you’re interested in upgrading your Flight Simulator X experience, here are a few of the Add-ons available for download:

Clink’s megapack:

The Flight Simulator lacks aircraft livery, so players will have to download them if they want to fly in the colours of Delta or American Airlines.

Self-Loading Cargo:

Flying a plane from one location to another is one thing, but it can rapidly become tedious without passengers or goods on board.

FlyByWire A32NX:

The default Airbus A320neo included with Microsoft Flight Simulator is ideal for beginners. However, a few free files from the A32NX Project alter the A320 to be as close to reality as feasible in terms of functionality. The project includes everything an inexperienced pilot could need by activating various underutilized cockpit settings.

SimSounds, like Self-Loading Cargo, try to reproduce the true sounds that come with flying an airplane. It has improved engine, wind, roll sounds, and chatting passengers.

REX 6 Weather Force:

Weather Force 2020 by REX Game Studios flips the script on standard weather by incorporating real-time weather data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), which is updated every 10 minutes. It claims to be accurate to within a tenth of a mile of a weather occurrence. The total cost of the package is $22.

Sci-Fi Aircraft:

Sci-fi aircraft

Sci-Fi Vehicles by EggMan28 adds some fantastic vehicles to the mix. However, they aren’t flawless. The provided craft aren’t to size, lack proper animations, interiors, or noises, and are a pain to fly, as EggMan28 points out.

Add-ons Package is designed for users who want to get an incredible flight simulation experience without spending time installing new Add-ons into their games. The package contains all the resources you need to have an amazing flight simulation experience with Microsoft Flight Simulator X. It also provides a detailed overview of what is included in this package and how it works.

Getting Started with the Add-on packages:

Flight Simulator X is a game made specifically for enthusiasts who want to invest in their own Flight Simulator. If you’re looking for an excellent product to buy, then Flight Simulator X might be the answer that you’ve been looking for. The reality is that there are several add-on packages available on the market today. Each package comes with a different set of features and has different prices.

You have access to everything from detailed tutorials and guides to downloads and screenshots of your aircraft models. The best part about this software is that it works seamlessly with your existing flight simulation software, such as FSX or Prepar3D.

Best time to play Flight Simulator:

best time to play flight simulator

Flight Simulator X is a great game if you’re looking for something to do on your time off from work. It has been designed with the user in mind, so there’s no need to worry about crashing and burning when you’ve got this game loaded up on your computer.

If you’ve never flown a real plane before, Flight Simulator X is a great place to get started. If you want to fly the smaller aircraft that are included in the package, there’s a series of tutorials available for download. The tutorial videos also provide an excellent introduction to how the Flight Simulator Add-ons work.

You can also use the tutorials to learn more about how other aircraft models work. For example, there are three different versions of the F-18 Hornet: standard (the fighter jet), advanced (the super fighter) and experimental (the experimental fighter). You can find this information on the official website of MFS.


That’s it. I hope you liked reading this article and could find helpful info about this topic. Now, you’re familiar with all types of Add-ons Microsoft provides for its users to have a better flying experience with their Flight Simulator game. You probably know that each of these Add-ons does a separate thing, so you can read the details of each one first and pick the most suitable ones for your needs.

Which one of the MFS Add-ons do you like and why? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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