Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Xbox Review – Discover the Exciting Game Features You’ve Been Missing Out On

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Xbox Review – Discover the Exciting Game Features You’ve Been Missing Out On:

msfs 2020

Take to the Skies: A Review of Flight Simulator 2020 on Xbox Series.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020:

msfs 2020

Flight Simulator 2020 was released for Xbox Series X and Series S in July 2021 and they have a few hardware solutions of their own – alongside some deep optimizations to reduce the CPU load on PC. Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xbox Series X works best at 4K, while the Series S works best at 1080p, both targeting 30fps which is perfect for this sedate experience. This Flight Simulator doesn’t feel out of place in the living room even with an Xbox controller in hand. Previously Flight Simulator was only compatible with PC.



New Road Maps – Experience dynamic, reactive weather, real-time radar and 3D night skies, and dynamic engine, airport, and roadway data in action. 

Flight Training – New aerobatics training and tutorial scenarios, plus new terrain to train on. 

Lifetime Flight Review – A host of tools to complete a custom flight review to reflect your time with 

Online Cross-platform – Move your flight to the cloud with your Windows 10 device to automatically update your game.

What You Get:

cockpit view

The whole game with the original legendary sounds and online multiplayer sessions up to 128 players. There is up to 9 different aircraft to choose from Up to 60 different cockpits to fly a unique airport facility with 45 flight schools and 30 aircraft with over 45 training missions included with the purchase of the Premium edition of the game is the Simulator Flight Gear set. 

This set includes a VR headset with gyroscope, 3D computer vision camera and a bespoke Oculus app to allow for advanced flight simulation with the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. You should know that Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 has a complete re-working of the game’s graphics engine, which includes new rendering techniques for graphics and animation.

What can you do in the game?

In simple words, anything you want! Fly every aircraft from early powered designs, including Piper PA-18s, Beechcraft Bonanzas and Grumman A-1s, to highly advanced aerial vehicles, including the Airbus A400M Atlas and Gulfstream G550. 

Fly in an entirely realistic virtual cockpit with GPS compatibility. Expertly control your plane with an intuitive 3D cockpit, which includes enhanced visual and audio experiences for newer and more advanced Flight Simulators. Customize your cockpit with 5 unique aircraft from the A6M Zero to the Airbus A400M Atlas. Become an accomplished pilot with a comprehensive training program, built right into the game, from classroom to online, and from expert to novice. 

New Features? There is a Keyboard-Enabled Controls, so you don’t need a mouse.


Flight mode gives you the opportunity to practice your skills by flying against realistic simulation, including aircraft handling and wind. Fly the newest aircraft for real-time dynamic weather simulation with various weather types. That range from fog to blizzards, lightning storms and hurricanes. 

See how it feels to fly during a hurricane in real-time and what hazards that bring to your flight. You can also fly as a test pilot, trying out your skills in different flight conditions. There are features included but not limited to Dynamic night flight with realistic cloud, real-time atmospheric simulation and weather simulation. Use heat haze, precipitation, smoke and mirror lights to help you judge your flight. Online leaderboards allow you to compete with your fellow pilots to become the best pilot.



Experience unprecedented realism and visual fidelity on the next generation of Microsoft Flight Simulator with up to 16K resolution and native support for High Dynamic Range (HDR). Discover the true power of the Xbox One and an actual next generation of gaming. 

Gameplay Battle against other players in online multiplayer games. Earn rewards and compete for position in the leaderboards. You don’t need to be fast, you only need to be good. This is a developing story and we make you sure that you will enjoy it 100%!


Multi-National Combat missions Fight over huge world maps. You can add your own weather and terrain to save time while flying, and play against opponents around the world . Manage up to 4 million points of control accuracy to make better controlled flights in multiple aircraft. This is just a part of multiplayer feature in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Pros and Cons:

aircraft flying

Once again this year, there are two major games in the Flight Simulator category. But some features are missing from Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 like the Stunt Mode. If you want to experience more advanced aircraft, you can probably get that via X-Plane, although for most people the simulation in Microsoft is more than enough. 

You could also check out X-Plane’s, so to start offering a bundle of both Microsoft and X-Plane beginning in 2020. It comes with free download codes for the upcoming X-Plane 2019, the developer claims. For me, the biggest drawback is the lack of Stunt Mode. 

Overall, Flight Simulator 2020 is very good and competes with the competition of current generation games.


With that said, there’s no real reason not to try this game. As it is one of those games that’s easy to pick up and hard to put down. With features such as a simple aircraft and plenty of realism in terms of scenery and aircraft. A total lack of micro-transactions in this release, it’s really hard not to give it a try. 

Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xbox is a great achievement, when playing it with latest Xbox Series it brings real effect.

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10 thoughts on “Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Xbox Review – Discover the Exciting Game Features You’ve Been Missing Out On

  1. My boys will be very excited to hear that Microsoft is bringing out a new flight simulator. They have a fairly old X-box, so it is a very good tip that you give to make sure that the controller will actually work with the older X-box. But at least they will be able to use it on the computer. I will show them this post that they can check compatibility.

    1. You need latest Xbox version for Flight Simulator 2020. Yes everyone is waiting for Flight Simulator to be released soon. 

  2. I have been looking into getting a flight simulator game to help improve my ability in hopes that it might help with my pilot certification.  We do have an Xbox, but we are in the process of selling it.  Would it be better to keep it and get the flight simulator for the Xbox or get something for the PC.  I could hook up the Xbox to the TV so the screen would be large, but that is really mute point because I can do that with my pc as well.

  3. Hello there! This is a interesting post! I was reading about flight simulators the other day for pc and there are accessories that help make it more realistic like joystick and all that. Too bad the Xbox didn’t have the other gadgets like that. But still, those additional gadgets seem like it could be pricey so being able to play on minimal gear seems like a great idea. It is a cost effective option for those who can’t afford the more expensive stuff just yet. Thanks for showing the setup and all.

  4. Great Review. I don’t have an XBOX, So I play Flight Simulator on XBOX Game Pass Service instead. I love how realistic the scenery is in MFS 2020, this is a game that would be so much fun to play in VR.
    Thank you for sharing and May I Ask, Have you tried XBOX Game Pass? And What do you think of it?

  5. Hi,

    This is one the simulator I have always dreamed to have in my computer. I would like to ask one question – Can the simulator run on any PC? or, they are specific type of computer that run the simulator? – Is this game of all ages or not?

    I liked this review, and will make sure I get one anytime soon.

    Thank you.

    1. The flight simulator work with Gaming PC as long as it meet’s it’s requirement. I think any one over 10 years of age can play this game.

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