Mcdonnell Douglas DC 3

Mcdonnell Douglas DC 3:

Douglas dc 3 Aircraft

American manufacturer made the Mcdonnell Douglas DC 3 aircraft in the 1900s until now. It is historical aircraft with two engines and propellers that during the world war. The United States developed this aircraft, and the Americans used it in the second world war. It was able to fly from New York to Los Angeles with few stops, and travel time is under 24 hours. The previous one was DC 2, and the difference between DC 3 and DC 2 aircraft is a performance improvement. The aircraft is for commercial and private purposes.

Douglas DC 3 Specification:

Speed: up to 240 km per hour.

Range: 2400 km

Passenger capacity: maximum 32

Altitude: 20,000 feet

The aircraft has three wheels, two in the front and one beneath the tail.

Note: The maximum take-off weight is less when there is no passenger.


Douglas DC 3 cockpit:

douglas cockpit

The cockpit of the Douglas DC 3 is different from regular aircraft. The cockpit interface is all analogue, and the display is not as sophisticated as modern aircraft. You cannot directly see the runway because the plane is in an upward position while on the ground. In real life, the only way to see the runway is when you are about to take off, but it is easier to see the runway when landing. There are few controls on the overhead panels.

Throttle control:

The throttle look is different from regular aircraft because it uses a throttle quadrant. There are mixer controls and power controls. On the right side of the throttle, there is a trim wheel. Modern aircraft also uses a trim wheel. Use the middle throttle to increase or decrease power. The throttle is used in specific ways, but that depends on the engine type. When using the keyboard or joystick, you will notice one of the sticks is moving, not the whole quadrant.


My experience with Douglas DC aircraft:

douglas dc 3

The Douglas DC 3 is one of my favourite aircraft because it flies at low speed, and I can explore cities and landscapes at my own pace. However, while preparing for taking off, I have to wait for the aircraft to level off, or I have to press the W key on the keyboard to hide the cockpit display in order to see the runway. This aircraft can take off in short runways, but you need to push the throttle to full for faster take-off. It can also land in paved and unpaved runways at a length of over 400 metres. Older Douglas aircraft can land in shorter runways.

On the cockpit panel, I can see the primary instrument, but they are old. The altitude indicator is displayed in a small and large needle, the flap and fuel indicator are shown in the front panel, and there are other controls displayed as well. The switch for landing light, strobe light, and fuel is located in the overhead panel.

When the aircraft take off, the landing gear is retracted but not fully because I can still see the wheel of the plane, and there is no landing gear door.


Here is a video of Mcdonnell Douglas DC 3:



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  1. Super interesting article! I am interested in getting my pilots license so this peaked my interest right away! Where do you find these simulator softwares? Are they all for the computer? Do you know of places where you can do simulations in a real looking cockpit? I think it would be really fun to try out different air crafts with simulations and play around with flying them without ever leaving the ground!

    1. Flight Simulator X and 2020 can be downloaded from steam. In microsoft store only Flight Simulator 2020 is available. As long as the computer meet the minimum requirement the game should run with no problems. There are places where you can do simulation but I don’t know the exact location in Canada.

  2. Hi MElamin, I don’t know much about aircraft and airplanes, but reading your article, I learn a lot about this Douglas Dc 3 pattern. I also like to enjoy the view during a fly trip. I like that this aircraft can fly at low speed, offering the opportunity to explore more cities or other places to enjoy from the sky. I would like to have a trip with this aircraft. 

    Thank you for sharing this detailed information.

    Have a great day


    1. Thank you for the nice comment and visiting my website. I hope you find all the information useful.

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