Home Flight Simulator Cockpit – Transform Your Flight Experience with a Home Cockpit Setup

Home Flight Simulator Cockpit – Transform Your Flight Experience with a Home Cockpit Setup:

Home Flight Simulator Cockpit

When we think about the aforementioned remark, it is easy to envision that the front of a jet has actually been sawn off and dumped into someone’s spare room, replete with a cozy (and interactive) chair. The truth is that, even if it might be far less dramatic, the first description isn’t entirely inaccurate should you have such ambitions.

A “home cockpit” is something for people who have elevated the level of realism in their flight simulation, therefore the more accurate and detailed, the better.

In fact, some of the better settings may at least be on par with many of the expert flight training simulators used by commercial airlines and even by the international military.

Additionally, entire websites are devoted to creating a home cockpit from which to control your virtual missions. Additionally, some websites have a close-knit online community that you can tap into for suggestions and ideas during your project and then meet up with in the virtual world once it is finished.

In conclusion, it would seem that owning and using would be the best way to enjoy flight simulation.

This article is lengthy because it provides a thorough overview of the home cockpit scene in flight simulation. You can quickly navigate between sections by clicking on the links in the table of contents below;

A Simple Guide to Building Your Home Flight Simulator:

It shouldn’t be tough or complicated to construct a home Flight Simulator. Uncertain about where to begin? We can assist! We will discuss the fundamentals of constructing a home Flight Simulator in this article. Visit our How to Build a Home Simulator for a more thorough analysis.

If you have the money, you can find it online, just like anything else!

Although it may not be at the top of many people’s lists, you can actually buy almost anything related to building a home cockpit for flight simulation if you so choose.

From replica parts to genuine spares, right up to a full authentic cockpit delivered straight to your front door (well, almost), the skies – virtual or otherwise – really are the limit.

As with anything else, the Internet does not disappoint if you wish to begin building your own. Indeed, a quick search into Google will bring you results from all manner of online retailers.

The choice is yours whether you want the bare minimum, which for all intents and purposes could simply be a screen, chair, and desk with additional fixtures, or a true replica with authentic parts and controls that would take up the size, if you wish, of an actual to-scale cockpit interior. This interior may also tilt, shake, and vibrate in response to whatever virtual aerial maneuvers you happen to be performing at the time.

Of course, there are a variety of ways to go about getting a cockpit, such as buying the whole thing pre-built and intact or doing a combination of self-build and purchase.

What is the Goal?

Is maintaining proficiency in IFR procedures and loading your flight plans your objective? Or perhaps you have a hobby of flight simulation and want the most authentic experience. Here are two inquiries you should start by asking yourself:

What is the aim of this? Decide on the design of your simulator and start with basic components that you can upgrade later.

What kind of space do I have? Do I have to transfer my setup onto and off of a desk? Think about using our stands and flight deck in a small setup.

Let’s get going.

Flight Sim Setup:

Flight Sim Setup

Are you interested in simulators or flying? To get the most out of it, you’ll need to base your configuration on this query. Are you attempting to recreate the cockpit of the aircraft you fly the most frequently, or are you seeking the greatest degree of interoperability with various sim planes? Here is a list of aircrafts that are supported by our products. Consider your available space as well as how all of your mounting hardware will fit together. Our products come with a wide variety of mounting options, or you can look at other panel options; our favorites are the Flight Velocity and Stay Level Avionics panels.


The computer is the most expensive component of a flight simulator setup (see below). After establishing the fundamental controls, you can start including extras. As demonstrated in this post, you can start with a fundamental setup for about $1044 (without a computer and monitor) and add to it over time.


The three most used flight simulators are Microsoft Flight Sim 2020, P3D, and X-Plane. X-Plane 11 is a good place to start because it is less expensive and typically requires fewer add-on purchases to use. You can read more about how many of our products are currently MSFS 2020 compatible here.

PC Game:

The most expensive component of a simulator setup is typically a gaming PC. Price ranges for gaming PCs range widely, from $1300 to $3500 and beyond. We advise purchasing a computer with these specs. A simulator program may typically be launched on any PC, however performance can vary depending on the CPU and graphics card.



The choice of monitor is typically influenced by the available space. A good field of view is crucial, thus 4K television might be a fantastic choice. You can also build up multiple displays to display side views (for instance, a three screen setup), or you can use a projector or a curved ultra-wide gaming monitor like the Samsung 49″.

For more information about Flight Simulator Multiple monitors click here.


Control options range from a yoke or joystick/sidestick to a variety of other alternatives. There are many options, so it’s a good idea to think about how realistic they seem and what additional switches are offered on the controls before making your decision. We prefer the Honeycomb Yoke because it replaces the need for a separate switch panel by including the ignition, master control, and avionics switches. To give rudder control, the Honeycomb Yoke pairs well with a set of Logitech Rudder Pedals. The CH Eclipse Yoke is another excellent choice because it contains built-in throttle controls and thumb rudder pedals, eliminating the need for separate rudder pedals.

Final Thoughts:

It’s not difficult to set up a Flight Simulator at home. If you still have questions, you may contact me or see a lot more useful information on my website.

Thank you for reading and see you soon in the next article.

6 thoughts on “Home Flight Simulator Cockpit – Transform Your Flight Experience with a Home Cockpit Setup

  1. Hey thanks for this post!

    You provided some great insight into this topic, I actually didn’t know you can create a whole realistic aeroplane setting at home with the cockpit and all. 
    I love flight vehicles like aeroplanes and helicopters so amazed that a similar experience can be set in the comforts of our own homes! I definitely will check out the basics however the costs are a setback currently.

    Is there one for helicopters?

    Have a great day!

    1. Thanks for the feedback. I have not built cockpit at home, but I use joystick when using Flight Simulator. I believe a helicopter cockpit can be installed at home.

  2. Wow I think it’s pretty amazing that you offer a simulator on your site! Entire websites are devoted to creating a home cockpit from which to control your virtual missions, also love this as well. Most people that are needing help to learn to fly can’t really find sites like yours, I’d recommend making a youtube channel and inserting the videos on your site to drive more visitors.

  3. A few years ago, my son really got into flight simulation because he just loves airplanes and flying. So we got him a custom gaming computer to run X-Plane 11 and MFS 2020. He currently uses a desktop setup with his Honeycomb yoke and Thrustmaster sidestick, but would definitely like to expand the setup to include multiple displays and stands. It’s very inconvenient having to disassemble the controls every time he needs his desk for work. 

    It is amazing to see what is available online for flight simulation. And as you’ve mentioned, it’s fairly easy to get setup with a home flight simulator nowadays. The choices of products are truly amazing depending on your end goals and budget, of course. Thanks for sharing all these basic setup insights. I’m going to bookmark your site to show my son.

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