Flight Simulator X vs. 2020

Flight Simulator X vs. 2020:

Flight Simulator X:

boeing 747

Microsoft released Flight Simulator X in late 2006 and have become available on Steam in 2014. It was one of the most popular games. There are several aircraft types to select, several airports locations, 3D buildings, houses, air traffic, sea traffic, land traffic, and airport vehicles were added. The settings are more detailed and straightforward to use. For a better gaming experience, it is sometimes best to set the graphic between medium and high. If you have got a decent gaming computer, you can select the graphic to the highest level. Read my review here.


The aircraft interior and exterior are sophisticated. It includes all the controls and displays found in real aircraft. Compared to Flight Simulator 2002 or 2004 the aircraft design is much better. The performance is smooth for take-off, landing and while in the flight. None have a Flight management computer unless you purchase an additional plane from Steam. However, there is a Flight planner and GPS option.


There are seven lessons for a student pilot.

Flight Simulator 2020:

FS 2020 Boeing 737

Microsoft released Flight Simulator 2020 in August 2020 and is also available on Steam and other websites. It is much different from Flight Simulator X. As a result, it requires more computer space. The graphics are very detailed, and plenty of locations are available around the world. The weather is more precise, and there is also live weather you will be able to activate it. The settings are more sophisticated than the previous versions because it has more options for aircraft, weather type, and a lot more. When selecting any airport around the world, you will see the runway and terminal map. Read the review here.

You can also see the world throughout the day and night while accessing the setting. But the settings in Flight Simulator 2020 are more detailed than the X program because there is more option when selecting the aircraft and how you want the plane to look. For the weather and scenery, you can set the graphic between ultra-low and ultra-high, but it is best to set it to medium, and that depends on how powerful the computer is. There are more a lot of settings.


There are eight lessons, and the aircraft will be Cessna 172.


There are more aircraft types to select, and it is more detailed than the Flight Simulator X program. The aeroplanes are more realistic and highly detailed. Large aircraft have flight computer management where you can input destination. I noticed they have a Large GPS display compared to the previous version.

Here is a video comparison between Flight Simulator X and 2020.


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