Flight Simulator X settings

Flight Simulator X settings:

flight simulator x setting

Open the Flight Simulator X program and click on the settings tab on the left menu, and you will see Flight Simulator X settings where you can set on how you want the graphic to look like while flying.

If you prefer to customize the setting, click customize button, and it will take you to the customization page where you will see the five tabs, which are graphics, aircraft, scenery, weather, traffic, and more details.

Graphic tab:

graphic tab

The target frame rate should be unlimited to make the game experience better. The full-screen resolution should be 1280x720x320. Set the Global texture resolution to high, and make sure to tick the advanced animations box. The filtering should be Anisotropic, but it will not make a big difference if you select different filtering. Uncheck the Preview Direct X10 if you want to turn on the progressive taxi.

Aircraft tab:

aircraft tab

There are cockpit settings where you can set it either 2D or 3D, you can adjust 2D transparency between 0 and 100 percent, and for the exterior location, you have the option to cast aircraft shadow to the ground or itself, and there is an option for landing light too.

If you adjust the 2D transparency to 100, the runway will be visible on the cockpit control.

Scenery tab:

scenery tab

There are terrain and water, and scenery object where you can adjust the details to any level.

Weather tab:

weather tab

There are simulation settings. For the cloud details, you can select either a visual cloud or detailed cloud and set cloud density to any level. You can also activate live weather.

Traffic tab:

traffic tab

There are aviation traffic, aircraft labels, land and sea traffic, where you can adjust the density to any level. For the aircraft label, you will see seven small boxes. You can tick some of the boxes or all of them. If you don’t want to see titles of any aircraft, you can untick them all. For the label colour you can choose any colour you want, and for the cycle rate, you can set it from one to five per second.

Other Settings:

other settings

There are other settings for sound, controls, realism, general, and scenery library. Global option settings are found in five tabs where you can set it from minimum to ultra-high. If you need more help on one of the settings, click the help button.

Reset all settings:

Click reset defaults. You can also reset the date and time. If you want to reset the setting on one of the five tabs, for example, scenery, click reset defaults. It will reset the scenery default only.

Using the Settings while Flying an aircraft:

While flying an aircraft, you can display the menu, where you can change the setting, display aircraft wings through a new window or small window. To display the menu while flying, click the right mouse button to uncheck the hide display menu.

Recommended settings (improving performance):

The scenery complexity and Autogen density should be very dense, and the unique effect details should be set medium. If you put it very high, you will experience lag while flying, especially in metropolitan cities.

If you adjust the graphics and scenery extremely densely, the flying experience may not be smooth. That applies if you are selecting big cities like New York or London. But if you choose an airport in a small town, you will experience smooth flying. So it is best to adjust the graphic and scenery to very dense for smooth flight. If you can change it lower, that will be even better.

I tried to adjust the scenery and graphics and scenery to the highest, but the game was not smooth.

You can adjust the scenery, air traffic, airport, and land traffic density to very sparse if you don’t want to see details while flying.

Flight Simulator X vs. 2002/2004:

When I played Flight Simulator 2002 a long time ago, the scenery and terrain were not as detailed as Flight Simulator X. The graphic in Flight Simulator X is better than the previous version of Flight Simulator because the airport is more precise, more aircraft to select, more detailed cockpit, there are boats and ships, land traffic, trees. There are more 3D houses, buildings, and the sky is filled with stars and the moon at night.

When Microsoft Flight Simulator has first developed the graphic, the terrain was very low quality. There were limited airports, buildings, cities, and aircraft.

Flight Simulator 2020 settings:

When the 2020 latest version of Flight Simulator was released, it is way much better than the previous versions because there is a huge improvement in scenery, aircraft, weather, and airports. Even if you set the graphics and scenery low or high, you will still enjoy the flying experience and performance. The settings in Flight Simulator 2020 are different from previous versions because there are more options.

On Flight Simulator 2004 and 2002, if you adjust the setting to the highest graphic, you will not get the best performance. The performance in Flight Simulator X or 2020 is much better.

Select the setting that works for you:

Before I get ready to fly, I don’t set the graphic to extremely high because that will the game experience poor. I set the graphics and scenery high enough so I can see enough detailed airports, 3D houses, and buildings.

If you set the graphic to the highest level, you may see more 3D details of buildings, airports, trees, but the game experience will not be smooth.

A new computer may able to handle the graphic issue. That means the game will run well even if it is set to the highest level.

My recommendation is to set graphic details and scenery between medium and high if you are using an older Simulator version. These settings can be difficult for some people, but for me, it is not that hard to use them. I d0 not need to use the help topic. For more information about improving Flight Simulator performance click here.

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