Flight Simulator X manual download

Flight Simulator X manual download:

FSX manual

Microsoft Flight Simulator X manual comes with the Flight Simulator program. You need to access the training center to see the manual or download the Flight Simulator X manual from google search. The manual gives you the guideline for controlling an aircraft. There is no need to read the whole page, just the essential pages. If you find the manual complicated, you can access the flight lesson found in the learning centre. The book online contains many pages about how to fly an aircraft, where to locate the controls, and which control to use.

You need to download the latest Adobe Acrobat reader to access the Flight Simulator X manual. If you download the game directly from Steam, open the Steam program, and you will find it under additional content.

Using the Manual:

There are 40 pages when you open the Flight Simulator X manual. On page 2-3 there is important information where you can find information to enjoy your flight experience.The manual come with activation instruction when you purchase Flight Simulator X. However when I bought the game from Steam it did not require activation code, it just downloaded in Steam and did not take a long time.

In the manual, you will learn how to start the aircraft, preparing for take-off, climb, how to turn the plane left and right, and preparing for descent and land on the runway. Just follow the checklist for take-off while in the and landing on pages 9-10. Those are the only reference. For complete training on take-off and landing, you need to access the Flight lesson first and then missions. The flight lesson uses a small aircraft, and the mission lesson uses large airplane.


Go to pages 9-15. There are keyboard commands using the mouse, controller, and joystick. Here you will learn what each key is for when controlling an aircraft. It is easier to use the joystick than the controller. The joystick picture may not be exactly shown like a real joystick, but they are similar.

Multiplayer game/Single-player game:

Go to pages 15-34. There is a multiplayer page. It is about playing with other friends from anywhere in the world. You can be either a pilot or air traffic controller. To join a multiplayer game, you need to have an account with Steam or a local network. You can play with a friend privately if you do not want to advertise the session. On a Single-player game, there are different types of air races, and there is a rescue mission.

Flight Simulator X manual vs. Microsoft Flight Simulator X for pilots real world training:

The Flight Simulator X manual online book gives a basic guideline on how to control the aircraft, and it only contains 40 pages. It is designed for those who want to become virtual pilot. You need to download Flight Simulator X from Steam to access the manual.

The book for pilots real-world training contains over 700 pages, and it is more detailed and contains more instructions on how to operate the aircraft than the Flight Simulator X manual. This is a transition from a virtual pilot to a real pilot. To learn more about becoming a real pilot, go here.


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