Flight Simulator X aircraft downloads

Flight Simulator X Aircraft downloads:

You can purchase and download additional aircraft from the Steam website or install the Steam app on your computer. If you go to other websites, you can find aircraft Add-ons for free, but it is safer to download add ons related to aircraft from a trusted website. There are different airlines you can download and fly with any of them, not just three large planes that come with Flight Simulator X, that why it is preferable to use it for aircraft downloads to download additional aircraft.

You should download the aircraft Add-ons from Steam directly because they will go to the steam folder. You do not need to specify the folder manually.


Flight computer system and crew announcement:

flight computer system

The primary flight display is more detailed and accurate. If you download more aircraft, there are more features, for example, Flight Computer System, where you can input your destination. After inputting a destination, you will see waypoints map on the navigation display, and there is a voice altitude notification when you are about to land on the runway. When you are below 1000 feet, you will hear the voice of 500, 400, 300,200,100,50,40,30,20,10 feet until the aircraft touch the runway.

There is a crew announcement before take-off and landing, and while in the flight, the announcement reminds passenger about aircraft safety, when to fasten your seat belt, when to use oxygen mask in case aircraft suffer low oxygen and during take-off and landing the seat has to be in an upright position. The crew announcement is voice automated. You will hear these announcements while you are in the cockpit.

The benefit of using a Flight management computer:

The benefit of using the Flight management computer it reduces the workload on pilots and allows them to focus on controlling the aircraft, and it is important because it helps pilots select the departure and arrival airport, but you need to learn what each airport code is for so you can enter it correctly when using it. As you input the destination, you will see it in the navigation map. When selecting a runway for take-off and landing, go to the runway page.

The Flight management computer is mainly used in Boeing/Airbus aircraft, but some small plane also use it. It uses a radio signal to determine the position of the plane.


Using Flight planner:

If you find the Flight Computer System complicated to use, you can still use Flight Planner located in the Flight Simulator X program, where you select the departure airport and arrival airport. Use flight GPS to find the location of the aircraft.

Recommended aircrafts:

boeing 787

The recommended aircraft are Boeing 737-800, Boeing 747, Boeing 777, Boeing 787, Airbus A320, and A330. There are also more Cessna, Beechcraft, Kingair models, and helicopters you can download.

Airlines names:

The Airline’s names are Delta Airlines, Qantas, American Airlines, British Airways, Lufthansa, KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines), Swissair, Air France, etc.

Other aircraft you can download:


There are P-51D mustang, thunderbolt, and historical aircraft manufactured during the world war. There is also a fighter jet you can download. Some of the fighter jets can be used for fun.

Advantage of adding new aircraft Add-ons:

The main advantage of adding new aircraft is that there are more features and more advanced controls than the aircraft that come with the Flight Simulator X program. However, it is not obligatory for those who want to become a real pilot, but it is a good idea to download it for practice.

Enjoy the new aircraft Add-ons:

After you select aircraft Add-ons, get ready to fly and enjoy the new cockpit system. First, you need to familiarize yourself with the cockpit system. If you can get the instruction manual in PDF, that would be great. The instruction manual should be related to the aircraft Add-ons.

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