Flight Simulator joystick and controllers

Flight Simulator joystick and controllers:

Joystick for flight simulator

Use the mouse and keyboard to play the Flight Simulator. If you are using a joystick or controller, it will make you feel like you are flying real aircraft, but it is not required to play Flight Simulator. A long time ago, I played Flight Simulator 2002. I was using the keyboard and mouse, which were working fine. You need to figure out which keypad to use to control the aircraft. In an old game version, mainly people used the keyboard.

A manual comes with the Flight Simulator program and has instructions on which key command to use to control the aircraft. There’s a scroll button on the top of the joystick where you can view the cockpit and aircraft outside. To modify what the button is for, visit the key command page or joystick page in the Flight Simulator program, where you will be able to assign or delete new keys, and you will see what each key does.

Anyone who prefers to use a joystick must be plugged in the computer using a USB port and configured correctly. You need to know what each button does. It can work with a newer desktop or laptop, but there’s no need for software. If an update is needed, you need to go to the joystick website and download the latest driver.

Using the mouse:


If you are using a mouse, you can access the cockpit buttons on the screen. You can also use the mouse to lift aircraft up and down, but you need to configure the mouse for aircraft movement. In my opinion, it is easier to use the joystick. You can use the mouse to look around the aircraft while pressing the space bar but in virtual cockpit or spot plane view and use the mouse for cockpit functions.

Using the Xbox controller:


You will be able to use the Xbox controller to play on the computer. Just configure the controller to work with the computer. But Flight Simulator will be more realistic if you use the joystick or yoke control.

Why I prefer a joystick?

I prefer a joystick to a controller or keyboard because it is easier to control. That makes me feel like I am flying a real aircraft, but it is larger than the controller.

Using a Joystick is better than using a keyboard because it allows me to control the aircraft. So I don’t have to use the keyboard or mouse much. I still need to use the keyboard and mouse for specific functions. Depending on the joystick model, you should know how to turn the aircraft right or left and understand what each button does. You can read my joystick review here.

How to use the joystick?

To turn the aircraft right, push the joystick to the right and to turn left, push it to the left, to turn slightly, twist right or left, to lift move the joystick backward and to descend, make the aircraft forward or use the rudder button(number 3 or 4) on the top of the joystick to do a slight climb or descend, to use the flap you need to use the small button on top of the joystick number (number 5 or 6), to slow down while taxing or on the runway press the button on the front or pull the throttle back. There is also a button for landing gear.

Reset the Joystick:

On the Flight Simulator X program, click on the settings tab. Then go to the joystick page, where you will be able to reset the setting. Reset it and re-calibrate it if it is not performing well.

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