Flight Simulator for iOS – Customize Your Flight Experience with These Top Five Aircraft Downloads

Flight Simulator for iOS – Customize Your Flight Experience with These Top Five Aircraft Downloads:

top 5 flight simulator for ios

In this blog post, we can discuss the best Flight Simulator games available on the App Store for iOS devices. We can provide a list of the top 5 games, highlighting their features, graphics, and user reviews. This will help readers choose the perfect game to experience the thrill of flying on their iPads.


A simulator is a real-world flight environment that can be rendered on a screen. Not every plane is in a Flight Simulators (it’s mostly planes… but also subs, and the occasional plane and boat). So, what are the differences between Flight Simulators and virtual reality simulators? Because they are made with differing aims, their gameplay can be markedly different.

In general, a Flight Simulator for virtual reality is similar to a Flight Simulator for a typical television set. You may see people wearing ski goggles and simulating flight in virtual reality. However, the underlying technology and its complexity do not correlate with a traditional Flight Simulator (or VR simulator).

Why You Need to Play Flight Simulator:

Exploring the skies is no longer just about the open road. Flight Simulators are just one way to keep you and your sim-lover-in-training occupied on the road to your new career. No one has taken Flight Simulator craziness to the next level than San Francisco-based Training Memories, which developed Flight Simulator for iOS and licensed the Z-Code physics engine used in the much-beloved Aircraft Combat Flight Simulator. This innovation wasn’t just about taking the popular arcade Flight Simulator (the one most of us grew up with) and adding an iPhone to the mix. The team at Training Memories reimagined the game for iOS. It’s been well-received, scoring a 4.5/5 on Metacritic.

How to Pick the Best Flight Simulator:

To help you narrow your list of contenders to the best Flight Simulator, we have provided you with the following helpful advice on picking the best simulation app for you. Research So, what are you actually looking for in a Flight Simulator? Obviously, you want something that feels and performs realistic. You want something that will immerse you in a digital world, away from the mundane realities of reality. It has to be accurate. Check your app for model and physical compatibility. Will it require a lot of extra storage space? Are you willing to pay that much? These questions will help you narrow down your search. Comfort How comfortable do you want to be? For most people, the answer is more than comfortable.

Downloading Flight Simulator on iOS devices:

Anyone can download a Flight Simulator on an iPhone or iPad. It is a simple step:

  1. Make sure you have the latest iPhone or Ipad model and version installed.
  2. Make sure there is enough storage on the device, at least 64 GB and preferably 128 GB
  3. Go to App Store and search for Flight Simulator.
  4. You will find a lot of Flight Simulator games. Select the one you want to download. They are free to download. Some you can purchase for few dollars.
  5. When you download Flight Simulator on an iOS device, open the application to select the aircraft type and the location and use the touch screen to control an aircraft.

Where to purchase and download X plane?

You can find X plane for iOS the App Store, where anyone can purchase it for few dollars. You can also download additional Boeing and Airbus aircraft for extra dollars. Regular X plane 11 is free to download, and aircraft plus Cessna type that comes with X plane is free. However, if you want an X plane professional, it can be downloaded for few dollars. The download size is less than 1 GB, so make sure you have enough storage and free up space to delete unnecessary apps. The game apps are available in several languages, so you select which language to use.

There are thousands of airports around the world you can select and choose to fly during the day or night. There are 3D airports and cities you can fly. The scenery is detailed where you can see mountains, rivers, sea, and lakes. It is accessible in few States in the United States. However, global scenery is available through subscription. The cockpit is fully detailed, and you can interact with air traffic controllers. The features are actual, like Flight Simulator on the computer.

You use the touch screen for all aircraft controls and tilt the phone right or left to move the aircraft right or left. To lift the plane up, tilt the device back toward you, and to land the plane, tilt the device away from you.

You can access the tutorial, flight lesson, and missions if you wish, but it gives you good skills on how to control the aircraft. The tasks and the flight lessons are similar in Flight Simulator on the computer.

Multiplayer games are available if you buy X plane professional. Go to setting on your iOS device to set how you want to play with your friends or strangers.

Top 5+1 Flight Simulators for iOS:

Imagine a video game so immersive that you can actually lose yourself in the cockpit. Or perhaps you’d rather have a more immersive flight experience than in a simulator? We’ve picked out the best Flight Simulator games and apps on iOS. So whether you’re a car or aircraft enthusiast, a budding pilot or you’ve just got a desire for the great outdoors, check out the following top 5 iOS games and apps to enhance your in-flight experience.

And if you are looking for a flight simulation app that can make you feel like you’re really in the cockpit of a fighter jet, look no further than the X-Plane 10 Flight Simulator.

1- X-Plane 10 Flight Simulator:

x plane 10 for ios

X-Plane 10 is the standard-bearer for professional Flight Simulators on the Apple App Store. It’s been downloaded more than 5 million times and has been used to train pilots for dozens of countries. Every aircraft model is flight-tested before it can be included in the app. Launched in 2015, X-Plane 10 is still the most extensive, advanced Flight Simulator on the iPhone/iPad. Everything is designed to simulate the experience of flying a real airplane and learning to fly a real pilot. oTalonPro develops the game, and the price varies with edition.

2- Flight Pilot Simulator 3D:

Flight Pilot Simulator 3D is a fully compatible Flight Simulator and air navigation system designed for Windows, Mac and Linux. With a detailed and very intuitive user interface, it provides a truly immersive experience. No more annoyances like crisscrossing wires and a top-heavy system that makes the aviator feel lost at sea. Flight Pilot Simulator 3D has been carefully designed for precise handling. It does not distract with irrelevant popups and is preloaded with 12 aircraft and several flights modes. It has an option of full X-band radio connectivity for next-gen Global Navigation Satellite Systems and cockpit integration for several types of instrumentation.

3- Turboprop Flight Simulator 3D:

turboprop flight simulator

To get even more into aviation and flight, you could always have a go at flying real planes. Aircraft such as the Cessna 172, Cessna 172T and the Piper Navajo III are often available at your local flying club or you can buy them from online aviation stores. Or you could always go for a flight with a flying simulator chart and helicopter simulator. These simulators can take you up with the clouds, so you never have to leave the safe earth.

4- Infinite Flight:

The endless ‘how to’ in the sim-plex – it’s the most highly rated Flight Simulator in the App Store. Features include aerobatics, a smooth autopilot, night flying, heavy/light damage, landings, record keeping and a full mission editor. And don’t forget the Google Earth integration so you can virtually fly the most remote corners of the world.

5- SkySafari:

SkySafari takes the simulation experience to a whole new level. In a wide-scaled scenario, you can go where no flight sim can go right into an Airbus 380 or 777 flight. Flying and cruising high into the stratosphere is now a reality. Take a look at the vast collection of real-life images and videos to help you get the best view possible – with augmented reality and terrain to boot.

5+1- PicaSimFree Flight Simulator:

picasim flight simulator

Spacefaring flight experience has never been easier or more realistic, and its intuitive visual interface makes the most of touchscreen technology.

Our favourite freeware Flight Simulator is PicaSim. It’s full-featured, but the Airfone add-on is free. The paid add-on is a good investment, but a free tutorial mode also lets novice players start flight school with a minimum of risk. The added options are nothing fancy, but PicaSim has so many missions, campaigns, and building scenarios to play through that even complete novices can have a lot of fun.

Advantage of using Flight Simulator on iOS devices:

Explore the convenience of playing Flight Simulator on your iOS device, as it requires much less space compared to a computer. Discover how this advantage allows you to enjoy the immersive flying experience without worrying about storage limitations.


You are about to become one of those guys that refers to someone as a nerd every time he meets them. We can already feel it. You are about to be even more nerdy by playing Flight Simulators. Some might argue that flying an aircraft has no educational value. This isn’t true for the dedicated student or even for the newcomer.

Flying on a real aircraft lets you become familiar with all the unique flight systems of a real plane and improve your perception and spatial awareness. SkillsetA Flight Simulator will help you build your sense of awareness and help you become proficient in the aero-kinetics of the aircraft you are flying.

Most importantly, your Flight Simulator will help you discover your own skill set, as well as offer valuable observational lessons.

I hope you liked reading this article, and feel free to share your comments below.

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  3. Thank you for telling me about the different options available on Android and Apple devices. I would like to get started on iOS devices based on your suggestion. Of all the programs you mentioned here, the one I liked the most was X Plane 10. I want to experience the most extensive flight simulator experience, and I have it with X Plane.

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  5. A very interesting topic for games enthusiasts who are contemplating a career in a field where they can actually start learning at the age of ten, Other individuals just like experiencing a real situation whether it is with an airplane, a boat, a motorcycle, a car or a submarine. You are obviously providing information for IOS systems. Do you have a website you could direct people to from the get go for people interested in the technology that do not have an IOS system? Is there a translator system that could be installed on androids or PC’s that would allow them to use the games? If so make the recommendation and offer the solution. I have a PC but would be interested if this problem could be solved!

    1. Flight simulator can be download from Apple store and there are multiple language you can select. I don’t know about translator system for iOS.

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