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Flight Simulator Accessories  PC:

Flight Sim Accessories


Many of us are addicted to using a Flight Simulator. There is nothing quite like driving a plane and feeling in control. Ever since the Microsoft Flight Simulator made a return in 2020, people have been glued to the experience. They find it to be deeply immersive and gorgeous to look at. It features true-to-life representations and high-end visuals of a variety of intricately detailed airports, aircraft, and landscapes. Although the game provides an authentic, real-world flying experience, there are certain accessories that you can use to improve your experience. This is where this post comes into place. It takes a close look at some of the top Flight Simulator accessories for PC. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started.

1. A Flight Joysticks:

The joysticks

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One of the best Flight Simulator accessories for PC that you need to get your hands on is a flight joystick. You can easily purchase a joystick to upgrade your Flight Simulator experience. It offers immediate three-axis control using a single hand. Forget about having to use a mouse and keyword in tandem, as it will help free up your other hand and provide greater control. Moreover, you can count on the joystick to provide analogue control which allows for nuanced inputs for roll, pitch, and yaw. Thus, you can expect to benefit from more subtle control over the plane. A great entry-level joystick that you should consider getting is the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro. It has 12 programmable buttons that allow you to manage just about everything.

Here’re 3 Best Joysticks for Flight Simulators:

1 – Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog (Windows):

The joystick and throttle comes with a metal base and both has buttons that you can use to control or view the aircraft. It is made of metal. It comes with USB cable and software so you can connect it to the PC.

2 – Logitech G X56 H.O.T.A.S. Throttle and Stick Controller:

This Joystick come with a throttle and both have base. The throttle has buttons where you can use to control or view the aircraft. It comes with USB connection and software.

3 – Thrustmaster T16000M FCS Flight Pack:

The Thrustmaster comes with Joystick, Throttle and rudder pedal for convenience. The rudder pedal and throttle both have sliders. All have USB cable for PC connection.

2. An Amazing Headset

For the best Flight Simulator experience, you need an amazing headset. It should allow you to listen to the ground control stations with ease. This is why you cannot go wrong with one. There is just so much that you can expect from the sound produced by your PC. Hence, your best option is to get a quality headset that allows you to listen to the beautiful sounds of the game. It will ensure that you appreciate the gorgeous work of the flight simulator. From the rattle of takeoffs to the sound of aircraft engines igniting, you simply cannot go wrong with a quality headset. It will even let you listen to the sound of the rain against the windscreen of the aircraft and the orders you receive from communication stations. A beloved gaming headset that is known for excellent virtual sound is the Steel Series Arctis 5.

3. A Beautiful Monitor

If you truly want to enjoy your flight simulator gaming experience, you need to get a beautiful monitor for your PC. No matter which Flight Simulator program you use, you will need a good monitor for the best graphics. If you are using a small screen that has a low resolution, you will be unable to enjoy the game to the fullest. In fact, the details of the game would simply not stand without one. Hence, you should consider getting the MSI Optix G27C4. It is a 27-inch gaming monitor which provides an immersive feel thanks to its high refresh rate of 165Hz.

4. HOTAS (Hands-On-Throttle-and-Stick)

For a robust throttle system, a hands-on throttle-and-stick is possibly the best option. It offers greater control than that offered by a standard joystick. It comes with its own switches and buttons for additional customization. There is bound to be a HOTAS device that you will like. However, the Thrustmaster T.16000M Hotas Flight Stick and Throttle is an amazing option. It offers four-axis control along with precise linear control. Gamers will benefit from its ability to fine-tune speed to achieve a smoother experience. The ergonomic design is both supportive and comfortable. Thus, you will be able to enjoy long haul flights.

5. Flight Yoke System

A Flight Yoke is also an absolute must. It provides dual-hand control for fine-tuning manoeuvres regardless of who flies and also provides top-tier options, including secure mounting points for ensuring a robust flight experience. A Flight Yoke that you should get is the Logitech G Flight Yoke System. It is built with stainless steel and precision bearings to provide smooth operation no matter how roughly you handle the planes. Besides, its 25-programmable buttons give immediate access to a ton of functions. Its built-in stopwatch is something that other yokes ignore. Thus, you will have an easier time managing takeoff, and you would be fully immersed while flying an aircraft.

6. Flight Rudder Pedals

Many Flight Simulator fans forget about rudder pedals. However, they are essential as they provide aircraft control. What makes them worth getting is the fact that they add an extra layer of immersion to the experience. You can rely on them to take control of the taxing of the plane while on the runway. In fact, you get to use both your feet without yaw dampening. The Logitech G Pro Flight Rudder Pedals are simply amazing. They will complement the throttle and yoke. The best thing about the pedals is that they are fully adjustable. They also offer additional support thanks to their tension adjustment wheel.

7. Flight Switch Panel

Tapping real buttons and flicking switches is always more fun than playing a digital game that lacks a tactile feel. When it comes to a Flight Simulator, you will find a flight switch panel to be the ultimate accessory. You can use these real-world switches for toggling and turning on everything. Since the new Microsoft Flight Simulator provides little support for switch panels, you should consider getting the Logitech Flight Switch Panel as it is a class apart. It includes built-in lights, a five-position magneto dial, a gear up and down a level, and 13 customizable switches. You get to use the magneto dial for controlling the magnetos of various engines.

Other Useful Accessories:

Head Tracking:

Real-time flying sims allow you to pilot a vehicle like a jet fighter as you navigate around your ship and along the radar grid. Given that you’re so often sitting or crouching in-game, trying to figure out what the planes you’re flying across are seeing on the screen can be a frustrating affair. Head tracking, or seeing your entire field of view of your avatar on your headset, is a particularly effective option.

Check out TrackIr 5 Premium Head Tracking, a headset designed for flight sims. The hand controllers are motorized, allowing you to adjust their sensitivity according to your skill level.

V.R. Headsets:

vr headset

With so much choice in the headsets market, which should you pick? While you’re likely to spend the majority of your time using your PlayStation V.R. headset, other platforms offer an abundance of different hardware options for a better experience.

Of course, the easiest way to get in on the game would be to download and install their headsets and software and jump right in. However, there are a number of benefits to sticking with those purchasing a P.C. V.R. kit (P.C. vs. PS4). The biggest of which is the ability to run as many titles as you wish, whether they’re high-end releases or even emulated demos. Another thing to consider is the wide variety of local multiplayer titles, which you can’t enjoy when you’re strapped into your seat and using a pair of traditional PlayStation Move controllers.

Here’re Best V.R. Headsets For Flight Simulator 2020:

H.P. Reverb G2 Virtual Reality Headset
Valve Index VR Full Kit
Oculus Quest 2


Once you have finished reading the post, you will know the top Flight Simulator accessories for PC. Each accessory has something to offer. Hence, you should consider adding them all to your wish list. They will take your Flight Simulator gaming experience to the next level.

16 thoughts on “Flight Simulator Accessories PC

  1. I have been trying to make up my mind about what pedal to buy. However, I have already made my choice. Unlike the potentiometers used in cheaper models, which operate based on pedal position, Thrustmaster pedal load cell works on pressure applied, like an actual brake pedal. That in itself is awesome.

    1. I believe the Logitech flight rudder pedals is good because you can adjust it based on your feet size. However that is up to you.

  2. Hi Mohamed,

    Wow, I had no idea all the accessories you could get to go along with a flight simulator program to make it so much more of a real set up in your own home. With the various items you are really able to create the ultimate flying experience. I like how you’ve provided different options so one can choose the best set up for ones home.

    Thanks for sharing!

    L, Sammy 

  3. Hello there! This is an informative post! For some reason, whenever I think of flight games, I automatically thinking of using the keyboard and mouse. But after reading your post and now that I think about it, it would make more sense to have certain gadgets like pedals and joystick. This would definitely create a much more realistic flight simulation experience. Might be too expensive for me to invest in at the moment but maybe at a later time. Thanks for this!

    1. Thanks for the great comment. When you get used to one of the accessories you will not need to use the keyboard much.

  4. WOW! I literally had no idea that this sector of gaming existed!!  If someone were to tell me that they experienced a flight simulation game, I would literally think of those giant damn near cardboard boxes that they used o have at the fair and at themeparks.  I think there was a really good star wars one at great America in san Jose ca but that was a long time ago.  thank you for your post, I’m interested in delving deeper!

  5. Hi, MElamin!
    Never thought it would be possible to access a flight simulator at home… but I would certainly like to try it! It’s a bit expensive though. I still dream of the day I could really steer a plane on my own.
    As a huge fan of every and each thing related to flight, I really enjoyed your review!
    Thanks a lot for sharing and keep safe!

  6. This actually looks really interesting does this Flight simulator. I’m just wondering though what level this simulator is on and with what intention it has been created. Would you say that this is made as a computer game or is it made as an actual flight simulator that you could train to be a pilot on?

  7. Hi, Mohamed.  This is a really cool article.  I never looked at flight simulation like this before, but with all the accessories you mentioned I could spend a long time in front of the computer.  A question I would ask is how close is a simulator like this to the real thing simulator.  What I’m asking is will spending time on this make me a better pilot or is it just for entertainment.  Thanks for the post.  I’ll be checking this out.

    1. The Flight Simulator is close to real thing when you get multiple monitors and accessories. Building a cockpit at home will make you feel like you are flying a real aircraft. A flight simulator can help you become a pilot because it is almost like flying a real aircraft.

  8. I had no idea flight simulation was so involved, and expensive! But hey, you really should have the best if you want a really true-to-life experience.  Thanks for the great recommendations for joysticks.  They all look like great options and I cant wait to look further into each of them before making a decision.  

    The rest of your recommendations are great.  Could you give me a specific recommendation for a headset that is lightweight? I would like to find something that feels most like I am wearing nothing at all if you know what I mean.  

    Sidenote, I had the privilege of going indoor skydiving the other day and they had a virtual reality option that I didn’t get to try.  🙁 How neat would it be to combine flight simulators and an indoor wind tunnel with VR?  It would be like you were bailing out of an aircraft you were flying yourself.  

    So cool! Thanks again and, again, it’s so exciting how true-to-life this equipment is getting.

    1. The Hyper X cloud headset only weight 309 grams or 0.68 pounds and there is Cloud Stinger that weighs 275 grams or 0.6 pounds and both weighs with mics. Yes it is possible to combine flight simulators and indoor wind tunnel.

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