Icon A5 Airplane – Discover the fascinating world of light sport aircraft

Icon A5 Airplane – Discover the fascinating world of light sport aircraft:

ICON Aircraft, Inc. is a privately held aircraft manufacturer based in Vacaville, California, in the United States. To build and certify the ICON A5 amphibious light sport aircraft, it was created in 2006 by two Stanford grads, pilot Kirk Hawkins and product designer Steen Strand.

What is the ICON A5? 

The ICON A5 is a light-sport aircraft that was designed by the ICON Aircraft. It is a twin-engine, single-seat aircraft that was designed for the aerial skiing and snowboarding industry. The ICON A5 is made from lightweight, strong aluminum and features a modern design. It has an all-metal structure that makes it corrosion resistant and strong enough to handle high abuse. The ICON A5 also has a high level of performance, thanks to its powerful engine and excellent take-off and landing capabilities.

What makes the ICON A5 so unique? 

The ICON A5 is unique in that it is a twin-engine, single-seat aircraft. This makes it especially versatile for aerial skiing and snowboarding. It is also incredibly lightweight and easy to fly. This makes it perfect for smaller airstrips and airports, where other planes might be too heavy or difficult to take off and land. Additionally, its all-metal construction makes it resistant to corrosion and abuse.

How is the ICON A5 different from other light-sport aircraft?

The ICON A5 is different from other light-sport aircraft in many ways. For one, it is made from lightweight, strong aluminum. This makes it strong and corrosion-resistant, which is important for an aircraft that will be used in high-abuse conditions. Additionally, the all-metal structure makes it very strong and durable. This ensures that the ICON A5 will handle high abuse well. The ICON A5 also has a powerful engine that allows it to reach high speeds and fly long distances.


For amphibious missions, the A5 sport aircraft has a boat-hull design. The plane earned the red dot design award in 2010 for its distinctive and appealing appearance. The plane is 22 feet long, 7.1 feet tall, and has a 34-foot wingspan. Because of its folding wings, it takes up less room when parked than other small aircraft.

The A5’s airframe is made from lightweight, high-strength carbon fibre. It may be equipped with a parachute that will land the plane in the event of an emergency.

The Seawings platforms on the A5 offer lateral stability and allow pilots to stand while the aircraft is docked in water.

In February 2012, Icon Aircraft completed the A5’s spin-resistance testing to FAA Part 23 criteria. Spin-resistance improves aircraft safety by lowering the risk of losing control. A cuffed wing design with airfoils across the wingspan is used to achieve this. The A5 is the only light aircraft currently in production that has received FAA Part 23 certification.

The recreational plane can accommodate up to 60 pounds of luggage. Its built-in headlights offer ample illumination for cruising on land, sea, or air. For further safety, a propeller guard has been installed.

Cirrus Aircraft supplies the bulk of A5’s airframe components under a deal struck in August 2012.

Engine specs for the Icon A5:

The Rotax 912 iS fuel-injected engine, a launch model from BRP-Powertrain, powers the A5. The four-stroke, four-cylinder engine was created in partnership with Icon Aircraft and is designed to fit seamlessly into the A5.

The engine produces 100 horsepower. It may be powered by both aviation and automobile gasoline. Because of its electronic fuel injection technology, the engine is more fuel-efficient than carburettor engines. The engine has to be overhauled every 2,000 hours.

Cirrus Aircraft manufactures the composite air frame components of the A5 amphibious sport aircraft at its North Dakota manufacturing facility. At its Tehachapi facility, Icon Aircraft does system integration, final assembly, finishing, and testing.

The performance of an amphibious plane:

The A5 has a top speed of 105 kph and can fly or cruise at that speed. It can take off with a maximum weight of 1,430 pounds. The plane has a take-off and landing distance of 750 feet and a range of 300 nautical miles. The gasoline tank has a capacity of 20 gallons.

Icon has received orders for the A5:

Customers include NASCAR driver Carl Edwards and Google co-founder and chairman Eric Schmidt have expressed interest in the amphibious sport plane. Icon Aircraft had received 694 orders for the A5 as of August 2012 from clients all around the world.

 What are the other benefits of the ICON A5?


The ICON A5 offers many benefits that are important to an aircraft designed for the aerial skiing and snowboarding industry. These include:

  • Its lightweight, strong aluminum construction makes it corrosion resistant and strong enough to handle high abuse.
  • Its all-metal structure makes it easy to maintain and keep in good condition.
  •  The ICON A5’s powerful engine provides excellent take-off and landing capabilities.

How can you buy or use the ICON A5? 

You can buy the ICON A5 from many different sources. The ICON A5 is available in both a basic and a premium version. The basic version has a wingspan of only 8.6 meters, while the premium version has a wingspan of 10.8 meters. The ICON A5 is also available in two different colours: black and white. You can also buy the ICON A5 as a kit. This kit includes the aircraft, the cockpit, the landing gear, and the accessories necessary for flying it.


The ICON A5 light-sport aircraft is a unique and amazing aircraft that has many benefits that you can enjoy. It is a great option for those looking for a light-sport aircraft that can reach high altitudes, has a range of abilities, and is very versatile. You can buy the ICON A5 or use it for yourself, and there are many ways to enjoy the ICON A5.

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  1. The ICON 5 airplane is a sharp-looking machine. I got the privilege of seeing one in person when we took airplane parts to their warehouse in Vacaville! Although have not flown in one, then we got a tour of the plane and their display for bringing them the parts they needed. It is pretty cool looking! They let me take pictures for my travel scrapbook and we are on our way back to them now with more parts. 

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