Bombardier passenger aircraft

Bombardier passenger aircraft:

Bombardier jet

The Bombardier passenger aircraft is a Canadian passenger aircraft. It has twin engines that carry fewer passengers than a regular aircraft. They also have production facilities in other countries. In Flight Simulator X, there are two Bombardier aircraft which are Learjet 45 and Bombardier CRJ700. The Bombardier Learjet 45 carries up to nine passengers, but it is for business purposes, and the Bombardier CRJ700 carries up to 78 passengers. Those aircraft are more fuel-efficient than Boeing aircraft but by a few percent. However, they don’t travel very long distances. If they have to travel a very long distance, they must make multiple stops. But they cannot cross over the Atlantic Ocean. The production of bombardier Learjet 45 stopped in 2012.

As time goes on, Bombardier inc. developed more modern Bombardier aircraft, and now it is available in many countries around the world.

Aircraft use:

The aircraft is for private and commercial purposes.

Aircraft specification:


Bombardier Learjet 45:

Maximum speed: 850 km/hr

Maximum altitude: up to 51,000 feet

Passenger capacity: up to nine passengers

Maximum range: 3000 km

Maximum take-off weight: 9000 kilograms


Bombardier CRJ700: 

Maximum speed: 900 km/hr

Maximum altitude: 41,000 feet

Passenger capacity: up to 78

Maximum range: 4600 km

Maximum take-off weight: 84,500 kg

Note: The maximum take-off is less when there no passengers.

Runway length:

The minimum runway length for the Bombardier LRJ700 aircraft jet to take of and land is 1600 metres. It can land on short runways, but a speed brake(spoiler) needs to be activated. For more information about runway requirements click here.


My experience with Bombardier aircraft:

Bombardier CRJ700

CRJ700 cockpit

The Bombardier aircraft cockpit is very similar to the Boeing cockpit. That is because it has all the instruments found in Boeing aircraft. However, when using the throttle for take-off, it accelerates very fast, but for landing, when the plane touches the ground, it slows very fast after you reverse the throttle to idle. I did not need to use the speed brake unless the runway is very short.

The Bombardier Learjet 45 only have seat belt switch sign, and the LRJ700 have switches for seat belt and non-smoking. I noticed the Learjet 45 doesn’t have an overhead panel and the controls are all in the front instrument panel, but the LRJ700 has overhead panel switches. The overhead panel is not as detailed as larger aircraft.

After taking off, I have to keep the aircraft at a level so I can use the autopilot. Both aircraft have voice indicators when approaching the runway. Like Boeing aircraft, if you dive the nose down or if you are too low above the ground, the voice indicator will remind you, so you have to take control of the aircraft to prevent it from crashing on the ground. If the plane travels very fast, you get over speed warning message, so reduce the thrust halfway.

When I retract the landing gear up, the wheel is visible on LRJ700. That is because there is no landing gear door, but on Learjet 45, there is a landing gear door. I can hear the landing gear and flap noise when I extend it or retract. On the cockpit display, you can see the gear and flap indicators.

Here is a video of Bombardier CRJ700:



Bombardier Learjet 45:



4 thoughts on “Bombardier passenger aircraft

  1. I have tried Learjet 45 but haven’t yet tried Bombardier CRJ700. It is a good point you brought up mentioning that when using Learjet 45 you can hear the landing gear and flap noise when you extend or retract. I will be watching out to see on the cockpit display the gear and flap indicators. THis really is exciting.

  2. Sounds like hours of fun to play around with. I have never tried these simulators but your review makes it something I will  think about. 

    Interesting that they don’t have enough range to cross the Atlantic. There is no mention of cost. Are you able to give some details on that?

    1. The cost of Bombardier CRJ 700 aircraft is around  six million dollars for used one and around forty million dollars for new one.

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