Best Flight Simulator Accessories – Elevate Your Flight Sim Experience in 2024

Best Flight Simulator Accessories – Elevate Your Flight Sim Experience in 2024:

Flight Sim Accessories

In the ever-evolving world of flight simulation, enthusiasts are constantly on the lookout for the latest and greatest accessories to enhance their virtual flying experience. Whether you’re a seasoned pilot or just starting your journey in the virtual skies, having the right accessories can make all the difference. As we step into 2024, we’ve meticulously scoured the market to bring you an extensive list of the best flight simulator accessories that promise to take your simulation adventures to new heights.

With the latest and greatest flight sim hitting the scene, grabbing some of the specialized gear might feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. If you can’t score a full-on hands-on throttle-and-stick (HOTAS) rig, you might have to settle for a funky vertical mouse or another quirky joystick alternative. But hey, if you stumble upon a gaming flight stick, these are the ones we reckon you should snag before you hit the virtual skies.

Stay on top of your game, nail those tricky moves, prep for system failures in flight training, or just kick back and soak in the views of a brand-new airport. PC-based home flight simulators aren’t just for serious study – they’re your ticket to both learning and chilling. It’s an investment that’s bound to put a smile on your face.
Eager to dive in? Well, buckle up because we’re about to break down what you’ll need to get this party started.

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Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog Joystick: Precision Redefined:

For those who crave realism, the Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog Joystick and Throttle system is a game-changer. This high-end setup replicates the controls of the A-10C Thunderbolt II, providing an authentic feel to your flight simulation. With its all-metal construction and H.E.A.R.T (HallEffect AccuRate Technology) precision, you’ll enjoy unmatched accuracy and durability. The multitude of programmable buttons ensures you have control at your fingertips, making it a must-have for serious flight enthusiasts.

Logitech G Pro Flight Switch Panel: Seamless Control Integration:

Achieving true-to-life cockpit control is a dream for many flight sim enthusiasts, and the Logitech G Pro Flight Switch Panel is here to make that dream a reality. This plug-and-play panel seamlessly integrates with popular flight simulation software, allowing you to control everything from landing gear to lights with the flip of a switch. Its compact design and easy setup make it an ideal addition to any simulator setup, providing that extra layer of immersion.

TrackIR 5: Eyes in the Sky:

Taking situational awareness to a whole new level, the TrackIR 5 is a head-tracking system that allows you to control your in-game view with natural head movements. No more fumbling with controls to change your perspective – simply turn your head, and the in-game camera follows suit. This not only enhances realism but also gives you a competitive edge by improving your awareness of the virtual environment. The TrackIR 5 is a must-have for those who want to feel fully connected to their virtual aircraft.

Virtual-Fly Rudder Pedals: Precision at Your Feet:

When it comes to flight simulation, precise control of your aircraft extends to your feet. The Virtual-Fly Rudder Pedals offer a level of accuracy and responsiveness that can make a significant difference in your flying experience. With a compact design and high-quality construction, these pedals provide a realistic feel, allowing you to make smooth and precise maneuvers. The adjustable tension and toe brakes add an extra layer of customization, catering to a variety of flying styles.

Samsung Odyssey G9 Curved Gaming Monitor: Immersive Visuals:

To truly immerse yourself in the world of flight simulation, a top-notch monitor is essential. The Samsung Odyssey G9 Curved Gaming Monitor is a standout choice, offering a massive 49-inch display with a 32:9 aspect ratio. The curved QLED screen provides stunning visuals, and the 240Hz refresh rate ensures smooth and fluid motion. With a high resolution and HDR support, this monitor not only enhances your simulation experience but also serves as a versatile display for other gaming genres.

Bose A20 Aviation Headset: Crystal-Clear Communication:

Communication is key in aviation, even in the virtual skies. The Bose A20 Aviation Headset brings unparalleled audio quality to your flight simulation experience. With advanced noise-canceling technology and comfortable ear cups, this headset delivers crystal-clear communication with air traffic control and fellow virtual pilots. The lightweight design ensures comfort during long simulation sessions, making it an essential accessory for those who value effective communication in the virtual skies.

Thrustmaster Viper TQS Mission Pack: Customization at Your Fingertips:

For those who appreciate customization options, the Thrustmaster Viper TQS Mission Pack is a versatile choice. With its modular design and programmable buttons, you can tailor the throttle setup to suit your preferences. The use of high-quality materials and a robust construction ensures durability, even under intense use. Whether you’re flying modern fighter jets or classic prop planes, the Thrustmaster Viper TQS Mission Pack offers the flexibility you need for a personalized and immersive experience.

Honeycomb Aeronautical Bravo Throttle Quadrant: Multi-Engine Mastery:

Perfect for pilots who prefer multi-engine aircraft, the Honeycomb Aeronautical Bravo Throttle Quadrant is a highly regarded accessory in the flight simulation community. With its realistic feel and attention to detail, this throttle quadrant allows you to control multiple engines with precision. The detects and full range of motion provide an authentic experience, making it an excellent addition to your setup, especially if you enjoy flying a variety of aircraft types.


In 2024, the world of flight simulation continues to evolve, and the right accessories can make a significant impact on your virtual flying experience. From high-end joysticks to immersive monitors and communication-enhancing headsets, these accessories are designed to elevate your simulation adventures. Whether you’re a casual virtual aviator or a dedicated enthusiast, investing in the best flight simulator accessories can turn your home setup into a cockpit that rivals the real thing. So, buckle up, grab your gear, and get ready to soar to new heights in the virtual skies of 2024.
Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts of Best Flight Simulator Accessories in 2024, I would be happy to read and reply to them. Thank you for reading and see you soon in the next article.

62 thoughts on “Best Flight Simulator Accessories – Elevate Your Flight Sim Experience in 2024

  1. I have been trying to make up my mind about what pedal to buy. However, I have already made my choice. Unlike the potentiometers used in cheaper models, which operate based on pedal position, Thrustmaster pedal load cell works on pressure applied, like an actual brake pedal. That in itself is awesome.

    1. I believe the Logitech flight rudder pedals is good because you can adjust it based on your feet size. However that is up to you.

  2. Hi Mohamed,

    Wow, I had no idea all the accessories you could get to go along with a flight simulator program to make it so much more of a real set up in your own home. With the various items you are really able to create the ultimate flying experience. I like how you’ve provided different options so one can choose the best set up for ones home.

    Thanks for sharing!

    L, Sammy 

  3. Hello there! This is an informative post! For some reason, whenever I think of flight games, I automatically thinking of using the keyboard and mouse. But after reading your post and now that I think about it, it would make more sense to have certain gadgets like pedals and joystick. This would definitely create a much more realistic flight simulation experience. Might be too expensive for me to invest in at the moment but maybe at a later time. Thanks for this!

    1. Thanks for the great comment. When you get used to one of the accessories you will not need to use the keyboard much.

  4. WOW! I literally had no idea that this sector of gaming existed!!  If someone were to tell me that they experienced a flight simulation game, I would literally think of those giant damn near cardboard boxes that they used o have at the fair and at themeparks.  I think there was a really good star wars one at great America in san Jose ca but that was a long time ago.  thank you for your post, I’m interested in delving deeper!

  5. Hi, MElamin!
    Never thought it would be possible to access a flight simulator at home… but I would certainly like to try it! It’s a bit expensive though. I still dream of the day I could really steer a plane on my own.
    As a huge fan of every and each thing related to flight, I really enjoyed your review!
    Thanks a lot for sharing and keep safe!

  6. This actually looks really interesting does this Flight simulator. I’m just wondering though what level this simulator is on and with what intention it has been created. Would you say that this is made as a computer game or is it made as an actual flight simulator that you could train to be a pilot on?

  7. Hi, Mohamed.  This is a really cool article.  I never looked at flight simulation like this before, but with all the accessories you mentioned I could spend a long time in front of the computer.  A question I would ask is how close is a simulator like this to the real thing simulator.  What I’m asking is will spending time on this make me a better pilot or is it just for entertainment.  Thanks for the post.  I’ll be checking this out.

    1. The Flight Simulator is close to real thing when you get multiple monitors and accessories. Building a cockpit at home will make you feel like you are flying a real aircraft. A flight simulator can help you become a pilot because it is almost like flying a real aircraft.

  8. I had no idea flight simulation was so involved, and expensive! But hey, you really should have the best if you want a really true-to-life experience.  Thanks for the great recommendations for joysticks.  They all look like great options and I cant wait to look further into each of them before making a decision.  

    The rest of your recommendations are great.  Could you give me a specific recommendation for a headset that is lightweight? I would like to find something that feels most like I am wearing nothing at all if you know what I mean.  

    Sidenote, I had the privilege of going indoor skydiving the other day and they had a virtual reality option that I didn’t get to try.  🙁 How neat would it be to combine flight simulators and an indoor wind tunnel with VR?  It would be like you were bailing out of an aircraft you were flying yourself.  

    So cool! Thanks again and, again, it’s so exciting how true-to-life this equipment is getting.

    1. The Hyper X cloud headset only weight 309 grams or 0.68 pounds and there is Cloud Stinger that weighs 275 grams or 0.6 pounds and both weighs with mics. Yes it is possible to combine flight simulators and indoor wind tunnel.

  9. These types of equipment seem pretty expensive. How much do you think I would spend on average and how long do you think these products will last before I need to replace them again? I will start saving for it now so I am able to afford it closer to my brothers birthday.

  10. I already have a beautiful monitor and awesome headsets. All the other requisites are covered too. Except for the Flight Joystick. I am excited about this experience. I always wanted to be a pilot. And now that we have this virtual reality experience at our disposal, I will not let it pass.

    1. Yeah with a joystick you can feel like flying a real aircraft. The more accessories you have the better the flying experience. Thanks for the feedback.

  11. I’m just getting started on a flight simulator program.  I have been shopping for a new PC, as my son says mine is ancient and won’t do what I want it to do.  So there are some items on this list that he says I need.  I am going to bookmark this site and have him take a look and see which things I could go ahead and purchase.  Thanks for doing part of the work for me!

  12. Ever since I tried flying on my Wii (I know that is old software) about 10 years ago, I have been addicted to flying so I was so pleased to read your post about flight simulator accessories. It’s definitely time for me to find myself a beautiful monitor, buy a stick, throttle, pedal accessory, and a headset to immerse myself in this experience.

    I might try the yoke (I like flying with two hands). The only time I actually flew an ultralight with a stick it totally freaked me out, it is so hard to keep level. You’ve given me a lot to think about some great accessories to ask for for my birthday presents. Thanks.

  13. Hello MElamin,

    The first flight simulator was created by a company called Link Trainer Company which is now called SimuLinx, who developed the first “flight trainer” to help pilots learn how to fly an airplane without actually being in one.

    I think that I will need to buy flight simulator accessories for pc because I am not sure if I will be able to get everything that I need from the game itself. My kids will love it

    Many people enjoy flying in a virtual world, but they don’t want to spend the money on the equipment. The best thing about these accessories is that they are not expensive and can be used with any flight simulator game. They are also easy to install and use.

    1. Yes using one of the accessories will make flying experience better. It is easy to install as long as it is compatible with computer.

  14. Which is better between a PC and a Playstation? I want to try out this simulator but I want to try it out on the best console. I will be sure to share this article with my brother because he loves playing games on the PC so I am sure that he will appreciate this article 

  15. My son would loveeee this. How cool would it be to feel like you are actually flying a airplane. With everyone out there making video games and people spending hours and hours on something. This is the first I have seen of the product and something I would definitely buy for my son as a gift.

  16. A great post!

    I love flying objects such as planes or helicopters. I’ve always had either RC helicopter or drones around, there’s something about flight simulators and RC that gives a sense of freedom.

    I’ve know took my hobbies into the gaming world and obviously want the best experience so I should add these to me wishlist. Something’s telling me this is going to be better than flying rc’s around!

    1. Thanks for the great comment. Using one of the accessories can make flying experience better. Flight Simulator 2020 currently don’t have helicopter but Flight Simulator X and older version do have helicopters.

  17. What a great article! I know there are a lot of flight simulator accessories out there. But, I haven’t got the chance to try it all. However, seeing everything you mentioned in this article. It’s so tempting to buy it based on your recommendations. I probably am going to try with the VR headsets first. Thank you for sharing this great article!

    1. Yes flight simulator accessories are recommended to make flying experience better and also good for multiplayers. It is more easy to use the accessories than the keyboard. Thanks for the great feedback.

  18. As a beginner, I would probably start with the VR simulator to get the feel but would graduate to the more hands on experience at a later date. With all the new flight simulator systems coming out, you need to look at what you can afford as well as how the system fits your expectations.


    1. You should try the vr headset and see how it feels. It is also recommended to use on the accessories to feel the experience of flying like a real aircraft.

  19. These accessories are great additions to a flight simulator. 

    My youngest brother is a frustrated pilot. He wanted to go to an aeronautical school but my parents wanted him to take up architecture so he could continue my dad’s firm. He’s the only son so he didn’t want to disappoint our parents.

    Imagine his excitement on the return of the Microsoft Flight Simulator after 14 years. He’s crazy about this game that he actually has a complete set. But since his birthday is coming up, I am planning to surprise him with something that he will really appreciate. 

    I’m thinking of upgrading his monitor with the MSI Optix G27C4. I checked it out on Amazon and it’s a bit pricey but my little brother deserves it. 


    1. Thanks for commenting and visiting my website. You should show the website to your young brother because all the information is available about flight simulator.

  20. Wow, I had no idea there were so many add-ons available for a fly simulator program to make your home setup feel much more realistic. This would undoubtedly produce a flight simulation experience that is far more realistic. I appreciate your post and am eager to learn more now that we have this virtual reality experience at our disposal!

  21. Wow you can now become a pilot virtually which is something you couldn’t do as safely as this in the past. It is wonderful but pricey at the same time and if only having a limited budget I am going to have to decide which are the most important components to have to get started. 

    I would think to go for the flight yoke system first then add to that. 

    1. Using controllers while flying an aircraft is more fun than using the keyboard. The more controllers you have the better the flying experience. If you are on budget I would suggest buying  a Logitech  joystick which is cheaper than other controllers. 

  22. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of take-off in a flight simulator. But to really get the most out of your experience, you need the right accessories! Here are the best accessories to buy for Flight Simulator 2020.

    These are the best accessories to buy for Flight Simulator 2020! They will make your experience even better and more realistic.

    1. Yes I recommend those accessories. Just make sure the accessories are compatible with computer and Flight Simulator.

  23. Thank you for this awesome article about flight simulator accessories, Mohamed! Having been an avid gamer myself, I can definitely testify that the Steel Series Arctis 5 headset is an amazing gaming headset. I’ve never really played flight simulator games, though, but having used many Logitech peripherals in the past, I definitely believe that they’ll produce great flight simulator accessories too. 

    1. Thanks for the feedback. The more accessories you have the better the flying experience. You should try Flight Simulator 2020.

  24. Wow, nowadays you don’t even need to get into an aero plane to get the feeling that you are actually on it. For those who love flying these accessories are an ideal way to enjoy your hobby without all the extra expenses, apart from the ones you incur buying the equipment. 
    I am sure that even as a potential pilot you can get many extra practise hours in. 

    1. Yes buying simple accessories can help you take your flight simulator to the next level without having to go to expensive training.

  25. You have outdone yourself again MElamin, on this article covering FLIGHT SIMULATOR ACCESSORIES – IMPROVE YOUR FLIGHT EXPERIENCE WITH THESE CONTROLLERS.

    It seems to me as a novice that a joystick controller would be required to experience any “like-like” situations in the simulator. Does it actually feel like you’re flying a plane when you’re are making commands via a keyboard rather than an actual manual control similar to what would be used in an actual cockpit?

    A headset and monitor seem just as important as the joystick controller to experience the realistic type simulation these software programs provide.

    1. It is like using the keyboard but it is more enjoyable when using the joystick and other controllers. Using controllers will make you actually more like flying a real aircraft.

  26. Looking at all these flight simulator accessories, I can’t imagine learning how to fly and NOT having them! These are the typical “accessories”  that one pictures when you hear “flight simulation”. My nephew is getting into flying and it looks like I will be giving him cash for his birthday because, like any hobby, it’s a pricey venture! They look awesome and high quality, though! 

  27. This blog post provides a fantastic guide for Flight Simulator enthusiasts looking to enhance their gaming experience. It covers essential accessories like joysticks, headsets, monitors, HOTAS systems, and more. 

    The recommendations are spot-on, ensuring players can enjoy an immersive and realistic flight experience. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pilot, these accessories are a game-changer. Happy flying!

    1. Thanks for the feedback. The more the controls the better the flying experience especially if you combine the joystick with other controllers.

  28. These flight stimulating  tools are so important for any pilot to put in use. As years have passed and I’ve watched my father build planes, I have learned absolutely nothing. He never taught me anything except that the first female pilot was Amelia Earhart. So I am very thankful for everything you’ve taught me during this reading.

  29. Wow, I never realised that there are so many options for flight simulators. I just thought about the joysticks, but to find that you can also get pedals, is a revelation to me.  It would be interesting to see what actual pilots prefer when it comes to choosing between pedals and joysticks, or if they would use a combination of the two to enhance their experience and make it more realistic. 

    I will be sharing this post with my son who is an aviation engineer and always keen to explore flight simulators. 

    1. Thanks you for the feedback. The more accessories you use the better the flying experience. You can look for more accessories on my website and decide which one is the best for you.

  30. Wow, those are some great accessories. I will slowly update my rig and my top picks are Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog Joystick and Logitech G Pro flight switch panel, because I really love the tactile switches and knobs, and you can configure them as much as you like. Then instead of TrackIR 5 I would go for Tobii Eye Tracker 5. I have been using Logitech Extreme 3D Pro for ages now, and I have gotten used to flying without rudder pedals, but when I see Virtual-Fly Rudder Pedals, I think that it would be more realistic and they look great. The Thrustmaster Viper TQS mission pack looks fantastic, but as a combo it is rather expensive. 

  31. This blog provides a thorough guide to the top flight simulator accessories in 2024, catering to both seasoned pilots and newcomers. The author offers a diverse range of options, from the precision of the Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog Joystick to the immersive experience of the Samsung Odyssey G9 Curved Gaming Monitor.

    The inclusion of affiliate links is transparent, aiding readers in making informed decisions. The blog successfully combines technical details with practical considerations, covering the needs of enthusiasts with varying levels of commitment.

    Overall, it’s a well-structured, informative, and engaging resource for those looking to elevate their virtual flying experience in 2024.

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