Best Computers for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 – The Ultimate Guide to the Best Gaming PCs

Best Computers for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 – The Ultimate Guide to the Best Gaming PCs:

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Immerse yourself in the world of aviation with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020! ✈️🌍✨ Discover the best computer specifications to run this highly realistic game. We’ll guide you through the minimum requirements and recommend some additional upgrades to enhance your gaming experience. Get ready to take off!

Why You Need a Fast Computer for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020:

Gaming pc for msfs 2020

The goal of Microsoft Flight Simulator is to be a realistic simulation. After all, what makes gamers tick is when they get to experience what real-world pilots would experience when they try to fly from one point to another. Flight Simulator only come close to being this real because of a massive amount of real-world data that streams into their server. A powerful computer should run to capture an incredible 3D world.

This allows Microsoft Flight Simulator to be immersive.

Setting Up Your New Machine:

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In order to get the best out of your new Flight Simulator machine, you need to have the right tools and a good idea of what to put into it. As one of the pioneers of home Flight Simulators, Microsoft offers a great range of components that you can put into your machine and which will maximize your experience of the game.

If you have a new computer, there is a great deal to consider before you start your upgrade. Therefore, you should download a copy of the PC Starter guide and invest some time in setting up your machine correctly. It’s even worth taking a look at their PC Specs page. For a detailed guidance on choosing the right processor and other components, click here. Plus they have extensive tips on optimizing your PCs performance.

What to Look Out For When Buying Your PC:

Pre-Built PC

Below you’ll find the most important thing to look out for when buying a computer for a Flight Simulator setup.

Frame Rate: When it comes to building a new PC, you have a lot of options available to you. Whether you prefer playing games at ultra-high or low settings is entirely dependent on how much money you’ve got to play with. However, if you’re a big fan of Flight Simulator and you want to play high-quality games at the best frame rates, then you’re going to want to ensure that you have a minimum of a Nvidia GTX 1060 or equivalent GPU.

Best Computers to Play Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020:

Here’s the list of 5 best computers you can buy to play Microsoft Flight Simulator with the best experience:

New Alienware Aurora R11:

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Razer Blade 15:

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Omen by HP Obelisk:

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  • Dive into the world of gaming with this desktop’s impressive specifications, featuring the Intel Core i9 processor, 16 GB RAM, and Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 graphics card, delivering unparalleled performance and stunning visuals.
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  • With its sleek design and Windows 10 operating system, this desktop is not only a powerhouse for gaming but also a versatile device for all your personal computing needs.

Skytech Archangel:

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  •  Windows 10 and 16 GB RAM: The Skytech Archangel desktop combines the latest Windows 10 operating system with a whopping 16 GB RAM, ensuring lightning-fast performance and smooth multitasking capabilities. Experience seamless navigation and effortless productivity.
  • Stay Cool, Stay Ahead: The Archangel desktop features a built-in cooling fan that effectively regulates the temperature, even during heavy usage. Say goodbye to performance throttling and enjoy uninterrupted productivity or gaming sessions.
  •  Plug and Play: The Archangel desktop offers convenient USB ports, allowing you to connect a wide range of peripheral devices such as joysticks, flight rudder pedals, and more. Enhance your gaming or personal experience by customizing your setup with ease.

ROG Zephyrus G14:

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There is a lot to choose from when choosing the best computer to use for Flight Simulators, with a multitude of different options on the market. Regardless of your budget or your specific preferences, there are options available that will suit your needs. The right computer for Flight Simulators will allow you to achieve the highest level of realism and accuracy possible, not only in the world of Flight Simulators but also in a range of fields in real life such as medicine, law and military simulations.

Flying games are huge business these days. While Microsoft has come up with some good options for people who are into real-time Flight Simulators, not everyone is on board with the idea of piloting a simulated airplane in a virtual environment. Fortunately, there’s a wide range of products that can help make flying a little less stressful. So start today and enjoy flying!

18 thoughts on “Best Computers for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 – The Ultimate Guide to the Best Gaming PCs

  1. I am focused in buying a graphic card in order to be able to run Microsoft Flight Simulator. And I am trying to make my mind between an AMD Radeon RX 590 or an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970. In my book, in order for them to work well, both should have at least 4 GB of memory. And a bandwidth of 20 Mbps on the internet connection is a must.

    1. You need at least 8 GB of RAM for Flight Simulator 2020 to run smoothly. Ideally you need internet connection of 50 mbps or more for the program to download faster. For good performance you should get latest graphic card.

  2. Thanks for giving me such a great idea for the birthday present for my nephew! He loves games and flight simulations. He’s been watching on YouTube people messing with this and now I know this is going to be a great solution for the present!!! please tell me, is there a certain console to go with the computer or this is enough? 

    1. For the time being you can play flight simulator games in the computer. What do you mean by console? Xbox console? I heard this simulation game will be released for xbox series this year.

  3. Hello there! This is a informative post! It has been a while since I’ve gamed and I forget that to have the best gameplay experiences, one needs a really powerful computer. I imagine it would be the same for flight simulation games. These days I am more into laptops just because of its portability. I guess the con to that would be the potential to overheat like you mentioned if I play too long. My computer is pretty old now and I have no clue how technology has evolved ever since. Perhaps it may be time for me to look into the top 7 gaming laptops you suggested. Thanks for this.

    1. You are welcome. You do not need very expensive computer to play Flight Simulator. Depending on your budget you can get a computer less than one thousand dollars.

  4. You really know your computers for gaming. It sounds like it is best to head for a powerful computer if you really want to enjoy the gaming experience. You said that they can be pricey but I can tell that if this is something you will be enjoying for a long time that it is worth the investment. You’ve given us a great range of computers from around $900 to $3000 so I will start there to narrow the field to what will work for me.

    Thanks for this great review it really helped.

  5. Oh, okay. So the more I read the articles on your website, I realize that it is in fact a game. I want to know if it is possible to play this game on a laptop because I see that you are only talking about a PC. Is a PC the same thing as a laptop?

    1. Yes you can play on the laptop as long as it meet it’s minimum requirement. You need a gaming laptop. A PC is for personal computer.

  6. This is great information.  My dad has an airplane, and he is always bugging me to fly.  I have really just not wanted to try his idea…for various reasons.  But, I feel like I need to just in case something happens while we are in the air and I need to take over.  I have actually been looking into getting a new computer, with my son’s help.  I will look into the options you have listed, and then decide.  Thank you!

  7. Thank you for the informative article. I have been thinking of purchasing a new computer for gaming (and work too) and it is good to see some options that are not over $3000 lol! I would be interested to read if you have recommendations on what kind of joystick you think would be the best to use as well. I also am curious of which of these five computers is your absolute favorite choice for playing Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020?

    1. I would recommend Skytech Archangel and Razer Blade 15 for Flight Simulator 2020. The joystick I recommend is Logitech Extreme 3D Pro.

  8. Hi MElamin,

    Thank you for the great article or guide. I think on top of what you said, anyone, who cannot afford to buy the best PC you have proposed in your article can build his own machine making sure of the following:

    1. Buy a good HD, such as an SSD drive

    2. i7 processor is the best for the gaming PC

    3. 16 GB of RAM is a good start

    So, you can save a good amount of money taking this route. That’s my personal opinion.

    1. Yes if you cannot afford expensive computer for Flight Simulator 2020 you can look for budget gaming computers. If you have old computer you can upgrade hardware and that will save you money.

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