Aircraft primary flight display

Aircraft primary flight display (PFD):

Primary flight display(PFD)

The aircraft’s primary flight display is in the front panel of the cockpit, and it displays information to the pilot about altitude, airspeed, vertical speed, banking(turn indicator), and heading. The altitude indicator display how high or low the aircraft is above ground level, and the pitch shows the climb or descends at certain degrees. The speed and vertical indicator measure the speed of the plane. The banking indicates if the aircraft is banking right or left, and the heading displays the aircraft heading.

Reading the primary flight display:

The flight director has two lines, horizontal lines, and vertical lines. The horizontal lines give the aircraft pitch that it should follow, and the vertical line provides the aircraft with a roll that it should follow. When climbing up, you need to roll toward the left, and when descending, you need to roll toward the right. There is a speed indicator (speed scale) on the left of the primary flight display. It indicates aircraft speed. As the speed increases, the speed tape moves downward, and as it decreases, the speed tape moves upward, also known as accelerating and decelerating. On the right of the primary flight display, there is an altitude and vertical speed indicator.

When climbing, the altitude tape moves downward, and when descending, the altitude tape moves upward. The vertical speed has a pointer that goes up and down. That indicates the rate of climb or land, which is a rate of feet per minute. There is a heading indicator at the bottom display with an arrow indicating the current heading from 0 to 360 degrees. At the top of the (PFD), a Flight mode annunciator gives information to the pilot like the status of the autopilot, auto thrust, and navigation.

All small and large aircraft have a primary flight display. Larger aircraft have two displays, and smaller ones have only one, but the functionality is the same. The round dial altitude is in Cessna models.

Flight Simulator primary flight displays:

Regardless of the version, the Flight Simulator has a primary display that is similar to the real aircraft. In a smaller airplane, the display is large and clear. To make it bigger double click on it, but it is only on Boeing aircraft.

Where the primary flight display get the information?

It is connected to an air data computer but not directly to the sensor.


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